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Broadcast Solutions GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 5
55411 Bingen, Germany

Phone:+49 6721 4008-0
Fax:+49 6721 4008-27


Make more of yourself.

Experience and enrich our team!

There's more in you than you think.
With us, you can be who you are and become what
you are made of.

Broadcast Solutions is one of the largest system integrators for broadcasting and media in Europe.
Founded in 2003 in Germany, we stand for innovation and engineering services "Made in Germany".

"Implementing complex projects together is great fun. Here you can experience real teamwork"

Kristin Röder
Graphic Designer

Finding a job that suits you.

Take a look at what our different branches have to offer.


Here you will find all current vacancies at Broadcast Solutions in the field of Broadcast Specialists.
We would also be happy to receive your Speculative application.

Information for temporary work agencies/employee leasing companies

We hereby point out that no legal claim arises from the sending of profiles. Simply sending a profile does not entitle you to billing for a service. Above all, this includes not only when a candidate applies directly, but also if we receive an unsolicited profile from a service provider. No legal claim can be derived from this. An obligation to provide services to a temporary employment agency/employee leasing company only arises if this is explicitly commissioned in writing.

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