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Broadcast Solutions GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 5
55411 Bingen, Germany

Phone:+49 6721 4008-0
Fax:+49 6721 4008-27

Company Code of Conduct

1. Leading

Broadcast Solutions will conduct its business honestly and ethically wherever we operate. We will continuously improve the quality of our services, products and operations. We will create a reputation for honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust and sound business judgment. No illegal or unethical conduct on the part of executives, directors, employees or affiliates is in the company's best interest. All employees of Broadcast Solutions are required to follow our code of conduct in the course of their activities. Derived from our fundamental corporate values, this code defines essential principles and rules for lawful and responsible behaviour - in dealing with employees, customers and business partners as well as the environment. Broadcast Solutions will not compromise its principles for short-term advantage. Executives, directors and employees will remain personally balanced so that their personal life will not interfere with their ability to deliver quality products or services to the company and its clients. Executives, directors and employees agree to disclose unethical, dishonest, fraudulent and illegal behaviour, or the violation of company policies and procedures, directly to top management. All of us assume and value that Good Ethics is Good Business.

2. Dealing with third-parties

Executives, directors and employees of the company must never permit their personal interests to conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of the company, its clients or affiliates. Executives, directors, and employees shall avoid using their company contacts to advance their business or personal interests at the expense of the company, its clients or affiliates. Executives, directors and employees refrain from gathering competitor intelligence by illegitimate means and refrain from acting on knowledge which has been gathered in such a manner.

Executives, directors and employees of Broadcast Solutions will seek to avoid exaggerating or disparaging comparisons of the services and competence of their competitors. Broadcast Solutions and its employees are committed to fair competition. They make sure that no collusive agreements are made with competitors, customers and suppliers about prices, market or departments. That applies in particular as part of tenders. Business decisions are made independently and without the exchange of sensitive information with competitors.

3. Dealing with presents and invitations

No bribes, kickbacks or other similar remuneration or consideration shall be given to any person or organisation to attract or influence business activity. Executives, directors and employees shall avoid gifts, gratuities, fees, bonuses or excessive entertainment, to attract or influence business activity.

4. Dealing with information

Executives, directors and employees of Broadcast Solutions will often come into contact with, or have possession of, proprietary, confidential or business-sensitive information and must take appropriate steps to assure that such information is strictly safeguarded. This information - whether it is on behalf of our company or any of our clients or affiliates - includes, but not limited to, any kind of business, commercial or technical information and data (such as know-how, formulas, compositions, processes, documents, designs, sketches, photographs, profile pictures, plans, graphs, drawings, specifications, equipment, samples, reports, manuals, coordination sheets, customer lists, pricing information, studies, findings, inventions and ideas), whether or not defined as a business secret - should be treated with sensitivity and discretion and only be disseminated on a need-to-know basis. Executives, directors and employees will seek to report all information accurately and honestly, and as otherwise required by applicable reporting requirements.

5. Economic actions in a global context

Directors, executives and employees of Broadcast Solutions are committed to working and acting honestly, fair, respectfully, responsibly, integrative, and with confidence, regardless of the place of work, contract or production.

6. Allocation of donations and decisions about sponsorship

Broadcast Solutions always makes donations transparently as a social commitment and voluntarily, without expecting anything in return.

To ensure transparency, the purpose of the donation, recipient and confirmation of donation are documented.

Broadcast Solutions makes no direct or indirect donations to political organisations, parties or individual politicians.

In contrast to donations, sponsorship is a consideration, for example, in the form of communication or marketing activities for the company Broadcast Solutions. All sponsored activities must be based on written contracts and in one reasonable relation to the sponsorship services. Sponsorship must not be used to circumvent the provisions on the allocation of donations.

Broadcast Solutions Governmental Communication Division

  • Provides communication solutions to keep people connected and safe
  • Help to improve decision making with the increase of reliable communication
  • Keep personnel connected, even in complex and rapidly changing environments
  • Trusted partner for secure communication networks
  • Technology for mobility and security

Principle statement

In the most demanding missions, the delivery of mission-critical IP video and data with clear and understandable communications is critical. Our infrastructure provides body-worn, land, vehicle and air solutions to decision-makers in the most demanding environments.

Compliance statement

As an exporter of communication equipment and other goods potentially subject to export restrictions, we strictly comply with all relevant legal provisions for foreign trade. In particular, this includes the "European regulation 428/2009 for dual-use products", the Foreign Trade and Payments Act (AWG) and the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) for their respective scopes of application.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Broadcast Solutions aims to reach permanent, clear and high standards of ethical behaviour through all areas of its businesses. Broadcast Solutions takes the responsibility of creating more significant benefits within and around our business activities and endeavour to make a positive impact, aiming to improve the lives of our community members and to limit the risk of harming people and the environment.


As a business entity, Broadcast Solutions strives to maintain a diligent and robust service, caring clients as real partners and working fair with contractors, suppliers and employees. The Broadcast Solutions reputation is based on a high level of quality, reliable management systems and safe working conditions. It is our mission to complete all projects on time, within budget, in safe conditions and achieving the best possible quality. Through thorough planning, highly experienced professionals, and a strong commitment to innovation and value-adding we comprehend, meet and exceed our clients' needs and expectations.

Leadership and social issues

Broadcast Solutions recognise that employees are our most valuable asset, and their performance is the key to the quality of service we provide. Through investing in our recruitment, training and development of employees, we retain the best possible talents. We adopt best practice in HR and training and aim to be a 'good employer'.

Social interaction

Broadcast Solutions endeavours to promote and support the social coexistence of the employees to ensure a fair and pleasant working environment. Furthermore, Broadcast Solutions is keen to promote diversity and tolerance in the corporate culture.

Safety and health

We are committed to planning and executing all operations in a manner that protects the health, welfare and safety of all employees, partners, clients, the public and end-users.

Environmental protection, resource consumption and sustainability

Environmental protection and the careful use of natural resources are top priorities for Broadcast Solutions. Broadcast Solutions executives, directors and employees are trying to make their businesses environmentally friendly and are continually working to improve eco-efficiency. Executives, Directors and employees of Broadcast Solutions ensure compliance with the law and their own high standards. An environmental management system used by Broadcast Solutions in the offices and the production halls provides assistance. This optimises the furnishing of the offices, the electricity consumption of the devices and the waste management.

Throughout the entire product creation process, environmentally friendly design, technical safety and health protection are fixed targets. Executives, Directors and employees of Broadcast Solutions have to make a lasting contribution to achieving these goals through their behaviour.

Social activity

Our company supports the social activities of its employees and is keen to ensure that they can continue their social activities alongside their professional life.

Supply Chain Management

Broadcast Solutions thrive to select suppliers and sub-contractors with business practices and values aligned with our vision. We maintain strong business relationships by consistently matching payment terms and running evaluations of provided goods and services.

Customer satisfaction

Through careful planning, highly qualified specialists and a strong commitment to innovation and value creation, we can grasp, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.