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Broadcast Solutions GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 5
55411 Bingen, Germany

Phone:+49 6721 4008-0
Fax:+49 6721 4008-27

Broadcast Solutions plans and implements projects for first responders and special units.

Systems for communication and data transmission have been around for many years – but their application and the requirements have fundamentally changed. From rudimentary applications for the analogue transmission of speech, we now have highly complex digital system solutions that – thanks to modern IP technology – deliver voice, video and data in real time almost anywhere in the world. This is our field of expertise.

Broadcast Solutions now authorised provider of BOS digital radio technology

Broadcast Solutions GmbH is now an authorised provider of digital radio technology solutions for authorities, emergency services and authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS). After intensive training by the company Selectric, several Broadcast Solutions employees are now certified specialists in the field of TETRA digital radio for authorities and organisations with security tasks. Digital radio technology plays a crucial role in the integration of various technologies in BOS units to ensure secure and reliable communication.

Broadcast Solutions uses its expertise not only in the construction of new vehicles and facilities but also in service and support. No matter whether it is assembly, service or planning of Tetra networks (network structure; TMO, DMO), interfaces, control and configuration with software, cabling or accessories – Broadcast Solutions is your competent partner.

Customised Solutions

For more than 15 years Broadcast Solutions has offered its customers tailor-made solutions. We can plan and implement almost any broadcast project - worldwide.

Silvus Technologies

Range. Robustness. Throughput. Other communications manufacturers can check one or two of these boxes. Silvus Technologies consistently delivers all three. Broadcast Solutions is a master distributor of Silvus Technologies products – active nearly globally.


As a manufacturer-independent system integrator, we work with all leading products and brands in broadcast and media technology.

Proof of Concept

Broadcast Solutions regularly conducts proofs of concept with their systems, covering the entire world. These feasibility tests aim to demonstrate the functionality of wireless communication tools and their smooth integration with other systems.

Maritime Mesh Network

The Broadcast Solutions Maritime Mesh Network is specifically designed to meet the high capacity bandwidth requirements of modern maritime and coastal operations. Both military and industrial organizations now have the ability to deploy private networks and deliver broadband connectivity to their marine assets.

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANet)

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are a secure and stable solution for setting up and operating wireless communication and data networks.

Command and Control Vehicle

With Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, tactical kits and innovative vehicle concepts, we offer complete solutions for communication, data backup and situation awareness.

Our story

Broadcast Solutions is one of the largest system integrators in Europe. Founded more than 17 years ago in Germany, we stand for innovation and engineering services "Made in Germany".

14 offices worldwide

offer you sales, project planning, production and services.

+400 delivered projects

everything from a single source: coachbuilding, interior design, electrics, air conditioning, audio-, video-, network-systems as well as wireless- and Satcom-systems.

17 years

we develop complete solutions and technologies for complex applications in any environment.

200 employees

worldwide. We offer innovation and technology "Made in Germany" for international projects.