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Establishing communication at various locations

  • Transmission of video data to a mobile operation control units

  • Realisation of a wide-area connection to the control centre

  • Transmission of video data to a mobile operation control units

  • Realisation of a wide-area connection to the control centre


Communication of distributed response teams

The central tasks for emergency services comprise ensuring internal security and safeguarding public order.

This includes event monitoring (demos, protest demonstrations...), hostage-taking or siege scenarios, special personal protection or even operations before, during and after danger and threat situations such as terrorist attacks. The available resources can be optimally applied and protected by effective communication – also across multiple locations.


Large area coverage with mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANet) and relay systems

The intelligent use of tactical and strategic communication ensures access and – ultimately – the success in critical operations and situations (e.g. at sensitive events such as a G20 Summit). Combining mobile Ad Hoc Networks for tactical communication with airborne downlink and relay systems enables a wide-area coverage with radio, live images and data material.

  • Simultaneous feeding of voice and data communication at each radio node

  • Self-healing network and system structure

  • Effective mode of operation in urban environments with multipath propagation

  • Connection of remote locations via relay nodes and gateways

  • Integration of airborne platforms for area-wide coverage

  • Automatic participant recognition and integration into a network

  • Connection of different technologies via “bridges”

  • Covert operation

  • Provision of Internet access

  • Connection of “smart” devices


Tactical and strategic Communication with maximum compatibility

Secure, tactical and strategic communication forms the backbone of critical operations where restoring public safety or protecting one’s own forces is essential. Also, the highest possible compatibility with other technologies must be ensured to exchange data, voice and video material digitally. In this way, critical operational scenarios can be kept under control.

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