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Provide communications for destroyed or overloaded infrastructures

  • Communication system for destroyed or overloaded infrastructures, e.g. mobile radio, TETRA, landline network

  • Use of mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANet) for communication between security and rescue forces at the scene

  • Connection between the incident location and a remote operations control centre


Lack of infrastructure in major incidents

Major incidents and (natural) disasters are unforeseeable events that can occur at any time. Preventative measures can only be planned to a limited extent, and the scale of damage of an incident can only be determined at the scene.

Communication between operational controllers and forces in attendance plays a decisive role in the effective coordination of resources. Public networks and infrastructure are often only partially available or even non-existent in such situations.


IP-based, mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Secure, reliable and robust communication is provided by IP-based, mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANet) that can be set up quickly and using no existing infrastructure. These Mesh systems offer:

  • Up to 350 radio nodes that network independently of each other

  • A self-healing system structure

  • Immediate call establishment (approx. 0.5s)

  • Gateway and relay operation for network operation in poorly covered areas

  • Simultaneous voice and data communication

  • Fail-safe because of own power supply

  • High data transfer rates of up to 100 Mbps

  • Provide video, audio, or data at any point of the incident

  • Data transmission at each radio node

  • Integration of UAVs and UGVs (situation overview)

  • Decentralized control of all radio nodes in the network


Reliable communication – anytime

MANet delivers reliable communication at the scene at any time, as well as quick and mobile access to mission-relevant information from central databases.

Attendant personnel are supplied with all necessary information, and themselves provide up-to-date operational data from the location to all subscribers. Resources more than 15km away can also be connected to broadband via a microwave link.


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