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Broadcast Solutions GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 5
55411 Bingen, Germany

Phone:+49 6721 4008-0
Fax:+49 6721 4008-27

VMS – Video Management Systems

Broadcast Solutions combines the best components on the market, offering reliable and bullet-proof tools that work under the harshest conditions and can be integrated in nearly every environment – mobile, fixed, naval or airborne.

All our VMS systems offer several integration options for video analysis such as:

  • Face recognition

  • License plate recognition

  • Video content analysis (e.g. detection of manipulation, virtual boundaries, appearance and disappearance of objects)


  • Work in real time

  • Viewing of IP-cameras and IP-video streams from encoders (not bound to specific camera manufacturers)

  • Freely configurable multiviewer

  • Camera management

  • Control all your PTZ-cameras from a single surface

  • Recording of all video streams, simultaneously

  • Synchronous search of recorded material

  • Export clips from recorded material

  • Support for audio and audio only

  • Client-server architectures for multiple clients and multiple recorders

  • Control of several spatially divided systems

  • Support of highly available solutions (failover and backup)

  • Re-streaming with adjusted bandwidths possible

  • Sophisticated user management options

  • Alarm management