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Protection of critical infrastructure

  • Short- and long-term monitoring of production, extraction and processing plants

  • Monitoring and control of remote sensors, and measuring points of supply lines

  • Transmission of data to stationary or mobile control centres or IT systems

  • Communication and data exchange between forces and control centres during critical missions and operations


Avoid critical infrastructure failure

Modern infrastructures are vital in our societies. We depend on reliable supplies of energy, water, information technology and mobility. If these systems fail on a large scale, even for a short time, this can have serious consequences.


Stationary, radio-based IP-networks

By using stationary, radio-based IP-networks, buildings (inside and outside), blocked areas and supply lines can be monitored and secured over long distances. Even in the event of an accident, mobile Ad Hoc Networks can be used efficiently and purposefully to control emergency forces and rescue teams in such a way that optimum cooperation is guaranteed. A communication system for the exchange of data independent of any public network is prerequisite.

  • Securing the boundaries of operating areas with suitable video surveillance, motion detectors, noise detectors, thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices connected via a wireless IP-network.

  • Self-healing network and system structure

  • Autonomous voice and data communication

  • Connection of remote locations via relay nodes and gateways

  • Integration of airborne platforms for widespread evaluation

  • Central configuration of all system components via one GUI

  • Connection of different technologies via “bridges”

  • Provision of Internet access


Protection of infrastructure with stationary networks

A collapse of critical infrastructures incurs hardly controllable chaos in a population. To avoid this, facilities, networks and lines must be protected. Mobile ad hoc networks can be used to quickly provide an IP infrastructure into which external organisations can also be integrated, contributing actively to restoring public security and supply.

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