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Career: Administration

Modern, Agil


As an international company, we plan and implement
projects around the world.

Agile action, short decision-making processes and functioning
teamwork are vital to the stability of our company.

We are aware that our employees are our most valuable asset and their performance is the
key to the quality of our services. This awareness and our cooperation
have been large contributers to our success.

"Our employees are our most valuable asset, and their performance is the key to the quality of our services. This determines our actions and is the foundation of our success."

Kristin Röder
Head of Marketing

What we can offer you

An attractive salary

We offer attractive and appreciative compensations.

Extensive social benefits

Such as supplementary company health insurance, company pension schemes or health courses.

Quality work clothing is provided

We provide high quality workwear and protective clothing.

Time off in lieu for overtime worked

Those who work overtime recieve compensation in the form of addtional time off.

Bike leasing via JobRad

Whether e-bike or classic bicycle - we make it possible.

Dynamic, dedicated team

What others dream about, we make a reality: team culture, open exchange and tolerance.

International team and worldwide projects

Not only are we represented worldwide, we also work in international teams.

Flexible working times

Work isn't the only part of life. Regardless if it's family or leisure calling - we make the balance possible.

A future-oriented industry in growth

The intelligent use of broadcast technology is one of the most important sectors of the future.

Ideas are encouraged

We want to change the world of tomorrow - where would we be without ideas?

Short decision paths

We are used to working in flat hierarchies, independently and in a solution-oriented manner.

Modern work philosophy

Those who want to shape the future, must not live in the past.

Modern workplace

It should go without saying...

Employee development and promotion

We need the best. You want to get better? It's a match!

Safety and health

We are committed to planning and executing all operations in a manner that protects the health, welfare and safety of all employees, partners, clients, the public and end-users.

Customer satisfaction

Through careful planning, highly qualified specialists and a strong commitment to innovation and value creation, we can grasp, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Social interaction

Broadcast Solutions endeavours to promote and support the social coexistence of the employees to ensure a fair and pleasant working environment. Furthermore, Broadcast Solutions is keen to promote diversity and tolerance in the corporate culture.


Environmental protection and the careful use of natural resources are top priorities for Broadcast Solutions. Broadcast Solutions executives, directors and employees are trying to make their businesses environmentally friendly and are continually working to improve eco-efficiency.

Leadership and social commitment

Broadcast Solutions recognise that employees are our most valuable asset, and their performance is the key to the quality of service we provide. Through investing in our recruitment, training and development of employees, we retain the best possible talents. We adopt best practice in HR and training and aim to be a 'good employer'.

Supply Chain Management

Broadcast Solutions thrive to select suppliers and sub-contractors with business practices and values aligned with our vision. We maintain strong business relationships by consistently matching payment terms and running evaluations of provided goods and services.

Vacancies: Administration

Here you will find all of Broadcast Solutions' current vacancies in the Administrative sector.
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Head of Human Ressources

Nanni Beck

HR Assistant

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