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Broadcast Solutions to show next-generation wireless communication solutions at AFCEA 2021

The Governmental Communication division of German company Broadcast Solutions will show next-generation developments in the field of wireless communication at this year's AFCEA trade show in Bonn (Germany) at stands F18 (indoor) and A06 (outdoor).

Bingen (Germany), 09.09.2021

AFCEA is the leading trade show focusing on IT, communication and command resources for the German military. 2021, the show's theme is 'Digitalisation concrete! Means - Effects - Consequences' and is intended to sharpen the view of digitisation developments further. Together with partner Griffity Defense and joining several companies, Broadcast Solutions will demonstrate next-generation wireless communication solutions with product developments and live demonstrations, connecting several indoor and outdoor stands with a Mesh-IP network using the MANET MIMO technology.

With the leading motto "Contributions to the support of tactical multi-domain operations", Broadcast Solutions, together with Griffity Defense and other partnering companies, will demonstrate the networking between command stand and mobile ground- and air-based units. This includes product demonstrations, product implementations and wireless network implementations to transmit data using the MANET wireless technology. Together with manufacturer Silvus Technologies Broadcast Solutions offers the latest updates and adds MAN-IA and MAN-IC cutting-edge tools to get rid of jamming.

Demonstrations show the support of multi-domain tactical operations in the areas of

  • Deployable command post and distinct soldier
  • Mobile command centres, using the example of the PMMC G5 or ACSV G5 and Broadcast Solutions MoSA-M4, equipped as a command vehicle and communications node.


At AFCEA Broadcast Solutions will collect and transmit signals from different sources (highly armoured PMMC G5, MoSA-M4) and selected indoor stands to demonstrate the possibilities of MESH-IP wireless transmissions using the latest MANET MIMO technology. We will transport video, audio and comms-data from different sources (vehicles, stands, helikites), from indoor and outdoor locations, collect and process them and deliver the signals to different locations on the show floor. The main data and communications hub will be the MoSA-M4 mobile command and control vehicle, located at our outdoor stand.

More information on developments on display are:

Broadcast Solutions MoSA-M4 – Your mobile situational awareness platform (outdoor stand, A06)

Mobile Situational Awareness (MoSA) platforms facilitate the deployment of tactical communication systems. The MoSA-M4 is a panel van that integrates a command, control, communications and computers (C4) suite with optimised storage and logistics. Ad hoc implementations in the field have special requirements:

  • Get to location.
  • Set up cameras and sensors.
  • Enable real-time communications with field operators.
  • Analyse incoming data and video feeds.
  • Backhaul resulting information to a central command and control centre or remote operator.


Visit Broadcast Solutions at AFCEA 2021
Bonn, Germany
15 - 16 September 2021
Stand F18 (indoor), A06 (outdoor)

Contact: Alexander Normann, a.norman(at)


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