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Broadcast Solutions to Display Latest Tactical IP Mesh Radio Developments and Capabilities at Asian Defence & Security Show in Bangkok
18-21 November 2019

At the show, Broadcast Solutions and partners will present the latest developments in IP-Mesh and wireless communication, focusing on their capabilities in Mobile Situational Awareness and Command and Control platforms. Broadcast Solutions is a specialist in any fixed or mobile facility offering its services and solutions to government agencies, from security and policing to defence.

Bingen (Germany), 21.10.2019

A focal point of the presentation will be mobile ad hoc network (MANet) solutions based on Silvus Technologies’ mesh networked radios as Broadcast Solutions is the master distributor for Thailand and several other regions. For the first time, the latest E-series radios will be on display in Asia.

With roots in US military communications research, Silvus’ StreamCaster radios were developed to handle the most challenging military operations on earth. This cutting-edge wireless transmission technology ensures bi-directional communication and data and video transfer even under the harshest condition. The mobile networked MIMO technology enables stable connections between multiple sites, even under non-line-of-site conditions where other wireless technologies fail.

A further pinnacle of the presentation will be several innovative solutions complementing the wireless IP-Mesh networked radios. An innovative augmented-reality light helmet mission display for helicopter pilots enables an augmented reality vision, that when connected to the IP-Mesh network, displays vital data and situational awareness information on the helmets heads-up display.

Further products on display will be a tactical mesh data link solution that provides video, communications and aircraft control. An integrated meshing radio is combined with an Ethernet switch, a mission customisable microprocessor and a wide range of interfaces. This lightweight module, ideal for integration into any unmanned vehicle allows access to the smart radio features while providing simple system integration and offering coverage of up to 25 km.

Visit Broadcast Solutions at the show to experience their array of user-centric applications, spanning from covert body-worn to long-range naval communications solutions.

You can find Broadcast Solutions at the Asian Defence and Security Show in Bangkok at stand Challenger Hall 1-2, H11.


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