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Broadcast Solutions tests LTA Helikite

Broadcast Solutions tests the LTA Helikite as a platform for Silvus IP Mesh radio nodes.

Bingen (Germany), 06.06.2019

The Helikite is filled with helium and operated on a stationary winch. Compared to drones, it convinces with a long operational lifetime and improved bad weather. The Helikite may be operated without a permit with up to 100 m rope length and reaches an effective height above ground of 70-75 m in the test. This makes it an exciting platform for radio coverage in difficult areas such as urban terrain or longer distances.

The real payload for the tested model is 3 kg - more than enough to host a Silvus Streamcaster 4X4 MIMO radio with a battery and enough flexibility for an additional camera. In the practical test, a settlement 1 km away from the Helikite could be covered almost shadow-free with radio signals, so that the test vehicle could send an excellent video image from practically every street in the settlement to the operations centre.


Helge Langer
-Product Specialist-
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