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Al Seer Marine Latest Partnership Creates a World Hub for Intelligent Maritime Solutions together
with Broadcast Solutions and Silvus Technologies

Al Seer Marine (ADX: ASM), the global player across multiple marine sectors and a subsidiary of the International Holding Company (IHC), announced its latest strategic collaboration with Silvus Technologies, Inc., and Broadcast Solutions GmbH, to strengthen Al Seer Marine’s Maritime Autonomous Center of Excellence – a leading hub for intelligent maritime solutions.

(f.l.t.r.: Allen Johnston, Silvus Senior Director International Sales and Business Development; Guy Neivens, CEO von Al Seer Marine; Peter Jakobsson, Business Development Director bei Broadcast Solutions)

Bingen (Germany), 04.04.2023

Located in Al Seer Marine’s state-of-the-art shipyard, featuring the world’s largest robotic arm-based 3D printer, dedicated training institute, and maritime maintenance facility in Abu Dhabi, the Center will provide government, industry, academia and private sector organizations from around the world the opportunity to develop, test, and gain practical experience operating autonomous systems throughout the waters of the region.

Leveraging the company’s success in autonomous maritime platform development, Silvus’ advanced wireless network communication expertise, and Broadcast Solutions’ depth of experience in systems integration, the Maritime Autonomous Center of Excellence will rapidly become a world leading center for maritime solutions.

“Al Seer Marine continues to develop, build and deliver leading autonomous products and services throughout the region. Our organizations share common interests and values in providing the technologies that are needed in today’s world, while shaping those that will form tomorrow. We will continuously help key organizations sustain autonomous systems for the advancement of the UAE and regional partners through the combination of key innovative technologies and working closely with our strategic partners,” said Guy Neivens, CEO of Al Seer Marine.

“We are honored to join with Al Seer Marine and Broadcast Solutions in this collaborative endeavor to accelerate technology innovation and the art of what’s possible. We believe the Center will become an invaluable resource for system developers, industry partners, and end users,” said Allen Johnston, Silvus Senior Director International Sales and Business Development.

“As a long-term Al Seer Marine and Silvus partner, we look forward to contributing our team’s expertise to foster growth and development within the UAE in this exciting sector,” said Peter Jakobsson, Business Development Director at Broadcast Solutions.

As the Center’s principal communications technology partner, Silvus Technologies will provide wireless broadband network connectivity solutions for organizations accessing the Center. Broadcast Solutions will serve as the Center’s primary systems integration partner, working closely with participating organizations on solutions design, execution, and optimization.


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