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Broadcast Solutions GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 5
55411 Bingen, Germany

Phone:+49 6721 4008-0
Fax:+49 6721 4008-27

Cables by Broadcast Solutions

Broadcast Solutions GmbH is one of the largest system integrators in Europe. For more than 19 years, we offer innovation and engineering services „Made in Germany“ in the areas of OB Vans, SNGs and ENGs, satellite communications, broadcast facilities, MCRs, sports arena and venue multimedia solutions and mobile surveillance units – from planning to implementation.

Cable Manufacture in Germany

With offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we serve customers worldwide. One brick of our success is cable assembly and cable service. For several years we have been operating a location in Cologne that specializes in cable manufacturing as well as repair and service. We are certified by world-leading cable and connector suppliers. Broadcast Solutions specialists manufacture cables by the meter or in combination with cable drums, connection panels, etc. Our portfolio covers a wide range of standard products, serving the most common applications in the broadcast idustry.

  • SMPTE 311
  • Video Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • CAT 7 / MFO 26 – 23
  • Network Cable
  • Multicore Hybrid Cable (multiple fiber optic plus network, breakout, armoured, Simplex, etc.)

As a vendor-independent company, we only use the best cable brands and connectors from leading manufacturers (such as LEMO, Neutrik, Canare, Fischer, DGH, etc.).

We exclusively produce and repair in Germany. For our cables and cable drums we use only high-class components from leading German and European manufacturers, thus ensuring the highest reliability and longevity of our products. Further advantages of this are fast component availability and short delivery times of the finished cables.

By integrating our cable production into our system integration, we develop ancillary products for cables and patch panels. One example is the Broadcast Solutions cable drum, which is extremely lightweight and stackable through its design. Further on we manufacture standard and individual connection panels, equipped with different connector solutions and combinations.

Additionally, we manufacture cables according to customer requirements: every conceivable variant, lengths and combinations as well as manually-stranded cables.​​​​​​

Service – fast and reliable

Another offer of our company is service and repair of cables and connectors – in-house or on-site at the customer. Our service department repairs all common cables and connectors, from fiber to copper and anything in-between.

We also perform last-minute repairs and service requests in the shortest possible time, thus enabling our customers to deliver in time. In the case of cable problems before or during live productions, we are on hand to ensure a timely replacement.

Even during the construction phase of major projects, we are reliable partners to system integrators and general contractors to realize large-scale cabling deliveries for media technology, audio, video or network purposes.

Prefabricated SMPTE cable 311

(on cable drum or cable ring)

Our SMPTE 311 standard cable is equipped with LEMO push-pull connectors (FUW male / PUW female) for the simultaneous transmission of power, control signals, audio, video and sync signals. The high-quality LEMO connectors are protected with a gaiter against contamination and damage. The cable is equipped with a PUR outer sheath and is particularly suitable for mobile outdoor applications.

Connector Panels

1-3 RU connector panels equipped with XLR or mixing sockets

CAT 7A / MFO 26

100 meter CAT cable on cable drum IT 266 RM

Video Multicore 0.6 / 2.8

60 meter 7-way video cable on cable drum HT 480 RM

Video Cable 1.0 / 4.6

100 meter video cable on cable drum IT 266 RM

Microphone Cable 2 x 0.22

100 meter microphone cable on cable drum IT 266 RM

Audio Cable 8 x 2 x 0.14

100 meter audio cable on cable drum HT 380 M

TRIAX 8 / 11

(cable drum or cable ring)

Triaxial camera cable with 8 or 11 mm diameter.
Available with outer sheath PUR or PVC red.

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