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Broadcast Solutions GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 5
55411 Bingen, Germany

Phone:+49 6721 4008-0
Fax:+49 6721 4008-27

Mobile Satellite Communication

Broadcast Solutions boasts over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of both mobile and fixed satellite communications equipment.

By combining innovative vehicle construction with the latest technologies, our service provides a broad array of combinations including chassis, bodies, interior fittings, and box-body configurations. Our vehicles are designed to operate under the most extreme climatic conditions – ranging from small trailer-based solutions in Siberia to large, all-terrain vehicles for desert environments. We are specialists in insulation and air-conditioning technologies, ensuring our systems function reliably across the most varied scenarios and applications.

We have realised every imaginable type of ENG, SNG, DSNG, and VSAT, delivering them to customers around the globe.



The references of our customers show how versatile we are in the areas of broadcasting and system integration. They also give a deeper insight into the cooperation with our clients and partners.

System Integration in other areas


With more than 300 OB vans constructed and commissioned, Broadcast Solutions is the leading specialist in Europe for mobile production tools.




We are your reliable partner for planning and implementing complex studios or fixed broadcast facilities.




Through many years of experience in the implementation and system integration of complex studio and OB projects, the Broadcast Solutions group has acquired the know-how to turn event venues into multi-purpose locations.