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Multimedia infrastructure as a guarantee of successful venues

To be able to successfully host as many different events as possible in a hall or stadium, a flexible multimedia infrastructure is essential. This requires integrated solutions for broadcast technology, A/V media technology, digital signage and audio technology, which Broadcast Solutions provides as a manufacturer-independent system integrator.

We accompany our customers on this path. Our work begins before the first day of construction phase. We advise you during the planning phase of the building and ensure the installation of the necessary infrastructure and technology and commissioning. Of course, we are also a reliable supporting partner after the project phase and during operation, providing service and advice.

Full utilisation of a location through flexible media infrastructure

Our services enable customers to offer their visitors a perfect entertainment experience. Modern solutions for in-house media production, in-house TV production, IPTV, multimedia applications, digital signage, augmented reality and mobile network infrastructure are part of what we offer. In this way, our customers inspire their visitors, increase the use of venues and the length of stay in them, thus opening new sources of revenue for investors, clubs and venue operators.

Our services

Before the start of the project, we provide business and technology consultancy for our customers. Each country has its own unique characteristics, and each venue has its particular tasks and goals. That's why all our solutions are individual. We help our clients make the best decisions to realise their dreams, commercial expectations and goals.

At all stages of the construction project, we act as project supervisors to ensure compliance with technical regulations, designs, construction time and budgets. On-site training and technical support are part of our services. Thanks to our international team, we are strong in communication with all parties involved in the project process.

Whether it is an Olympic stadium, a football stadium, a multi-purpose arena or a city hall – we develop all projects strictly according to the guidelines of the Olympic Committees, FIFA and UEFA as well as the budget and the task of the respective venue. Our international experience, modern technologies and manufacturer independence enable us to realise modern and multifunctional venues.

Modern TV broadcasting from a stadium, arena or hall requires state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure for camera positions, studios, commentary positions, TV compounds, conference rooms and more. We realise all these facilities according to modern standards and requirements of the TV stations as well as according to the regulations of the sports associations. Millions of TV viewers experience the most exciting moments from our clients' venues thanks to our advice and services.

From large LED screens, scoreboards, to stadium HDTV & digital signage, Broadcast Solutions offers the full range of solutions for an even better visitor experience and new revenue models for operators. The audio performance in the venue is one of the most important aspects. This is not only about creating a good atmosphere, but also about speech intelligibility and safety for the visitors. For every project we develop, we take into account architecture, security concepts and rules of various international associations. Our planning includes integrated and innovative audio solutions for interacting with visitors and managing audio-video content.

The coverage and individualised distribution of all content is crucial for comprehensive and individual visitor experience. We design and implement Media Control Centres, which form the core of a modern broadcast and multimedia infrastructure within a venue. With the help of these Media Control Centres, our customers deliver all content individually to each and every target group – on time, in every conceivable medium, in the right format and, if required, with additional information from sponsors.

System Integration in other areas


With more than 300 OB Vans constructed and commissioned, Broadcast Solutions is the leading specialist in Europe for mobile production tools.



We are your reliable partner for planning and implementing complex studios or fixed broadcast facilities.



Broadcast Solutions has more than 19 years of experience in the design and construction of mobile and fixed satellite communications equipment, having realised and delivered every conceivable type of ENG, SNG, DSNG or VSAT to customers worldwide.