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graphical user interface

hi human interface® – the first intuitive control tool for broadcasting and media infrastructures

Equipped with the latest auto-discovery and zero-config technologies, hi human interface® significantly reduces installation and configuration efforts. hi human interface® uses a graphical user interface that provides simple control and monitoring even of complex infrastructures and is intuitively familiar to users of typical mobile devices.

With changing technologies and workflows in the broadcast and media industry, configuration processes can take a lot of time and effort and, in the worst case, must be redefined each time a device changes in the system. However, a misconfiguration in an IP-based system can have a dramatic impact on the entire infrastructure. This makes it increasingly important to provide fail-safe and secure workflow environments. That’s why Broadcast Solutions has developed hi human interface®.

hi makes the configuration process intelligent and straightforward, automatically detects new devices and protects the end-user from configuration errors.

hi human interface® works mobile, in the cloud, and uses familiar touch workflows

Based on a distributed software architecture, hi human interface® can work on almost any platform – laptop, dedicated servers, server clusters, and even in data centres or cloud services such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. This architecture ensures uninterrupted availability of the system in the event that hardware, power or protocol errors occur. Self-healing algorithms guarantee that all parts of the system function properly and are available – even if they are distributed across different hardware platforms or work from different locations.

The user is in the foreground

Reliability and ease of use are the keys to successful interaction between the system and its users. The main focus when developing hi lies on end-users and how workflows can be simplified for them.