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With using virtual studios, facility owners and broadcasters can add a special ingredient to their service plus make use of additional economic benefits. We are specialists in integrating the latest technology in all different facilities – mobile, fixed, new-built, refurbished. By underpinning our manufacturer agnostic approach, the result is the best solution possible to maximise the benefit of investing in virtual studio technology.

Adding our thought-through system integration know-how, we maximise the possibilities to use a virtual studio. As a result, our customers can use studio infrastructures as flexible as possible for different productions with reduced setup times. They can bridge vast distances between main studio hubs and satellite studios and combine it to a big picture with productions never attained before.

Case Studies

Horse Racing

The Veikkaus Toto TV studios in Finland produce up to 140 programs a year covering the Finnish horse racing sports. Finnish production company Streamteam uses an 8 x 12 m green screen studio with a unique design for each weekday.


Ice Hockey

Finnish telecoms provider Telia together with production company Streamteam produce the Finnish Ice Hockey league “Liiga” with over 500 matches during a season. We included a 5 x 6 m virtual studio in the main production hub in Helsinki and portable green screen sets for each venue to “teleport” players into the main studio. Several robotic PT-heads, cameras and Zero Density’s Reality engine are in use and can be operated by a small crew.

CS:GO tournaments

Telia established the first eSports league in Finland and produces approx. 200 games a year. For their virtual setup, Streamteam uses the same studio facility as for horse racing. By using Zero Density’s Reality-virtual studio tools changing the designs and setups is quick and easy.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Streamteam offers its virtual studio facilities to third-party companies to produce workshops, seminars or product presentations. The multi-purpose usage of the existing virtual studio infrastructure provides additional revenue streams. Due to Broadcast Solutions’ system integration and up-to-date technology, design and workflow changes are done easily. The whole setup can be operated with little staff involved on-site.


Telia ePlayoffs

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ice Hockey season has been stopped. Therefore, Telia started a virtual Ice Hockey ePlayoff tournament. Again, together with Streamteam we easily modified their existing virtual studio setting and added some new surfaces to be on air as soon as possible.

Virtual Studio on the go

We offer a ruggedized full virtual studio as a case based on the go solution for working from home and remote. This virtual studio for everyone comes in shockproof cases that include lighting, truss, cameras and virtual studio software. Setup of this solution is under three hours. The virtual studio set connects through fibre and can be used in any remote location.