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IBC 2022 - Broadcast Solutions Group shows complete systems integration portfolio for broadcast, media and sports plus product developments

After the two-year break, Broadcast Solutions is keen to show its systems integration portfolio and product developments at this year's IBC show. Visitors find the company at IBC show from 9-12 September with two stands at 0.A01 and 10.C35.

Bingen (Germany), 26.08.2022

Like in past IBC shows, Broadcast Solutions runs IBC's largest outdoor stand (0.A01) that serves as the home base for the company, where it shows examples of its systems integration portfolio. The company has two OB vans on display, reflecting the Group's international expansion and approach.


Mobile Production Tools

Since 2020 TVC has been part of the Broadcast Solutions Group and has added further workforce, know-how and construction resources to the company. One example is an OB van developed and built by Lithuanian systems integrator TVC solutions for Estonian public broadcaster ERR. The second mobile production tool is a full-trailer OB van for Swedish production provider DMC, developed and built by the Broadcast Solutions Group.


Company Growth

New to the Group in 2022 is German systems integration company Thum + Mahr. Thum + Mahr offers a broad range of services, from project management and system integration to service and support. Visitors will be able to meet the teams from all international companies being part of the Broadcast Solutions Group. All companies will act as individual entities on the market. By adding these companies to the Broadcast Solutions Group, the shared know-how, expertise, workforce and construction resources will enable the Group to grow and will be beneficial to all customers.

Members of the Broadcast Solutions Group are:

Birds Camera Solutions
Broadcast Solutions Produkte + Service
hi human interface
Thum + Mahr GmbH
TVC Solutions


Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Systems

Broadcast Solutions has already implemented several VAR systems for different sports and leagues across the globe. We provide FIFA-certified VAR systems and implement VAR solutions in fixed facilities or mobile solutions such as vans or containers.

Recently Broadcast Solutions implemented VAR systems for the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA), which is now a FIFA-certified VAR systems user with the help of our systems. Therefore we implemented several VAR rooms at the Olympic stadium in Baku plus VAR systems in a van for stadiums not connected to the BAKU VAR hub via a dedicated fibre line. The Finnish Ice Hockey League trusts the VAR systems we developed and installed at Helsinki's Ice Hockey Production hub.

In 2022 we delivered two additional mobile Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and VAR video operation rooms (VARVOR) units to the Cameroon Football Association and CAF. This delivery follows the deployment of mobile VAR and VARVOR solutions delivered by Broadcast Solutions earlier in 2021 for the 2020 African Nations Championship, also known as the Championnat d'Afrique des Nations or CHAN, that took place in 2021. All matches of the Africa Cup in 2022 were under video referee surveillance with VAR systems delivered by Broadcast Solutions. Cameroon now uses six VARVOR solutions conceived and deployed by Broadcast Solutions.
Finally, Broadcast Solutions developed the Streamline OBVAR concept whereby live production and VAR services are operated from a single unified, mobile platform. Designed explicitly for game coverage of four to eight cameras, this OB van hosts the gallery, the VOR and the uplink capabilities. This integrated platform dramatically reduces costs and speeds up in-field deployments for service providers.


Product Developments

Broadcast Solutions not only excels in systems integration for OB vans, fixed facilities, studios and MCRs but runs its company-own product development departments. Several of our product news is on display at the IBC show.

One example is hi human interface, the first real intuitive control software for broadcasting and media technology. It serves as the perfect man-machine link, an assistant, that leads users to the before complex process of workflow design and signal management in broadcast and media installations. We show hi human interface with a dedicated stand in hall 10.C35. hi human interface is a vendor-independent system that integrates easily with many different devices. Handling the system is easy with a device-agnostic GUI (with ease and touch-functionalities all users know from day-to-day mobile devices) or hardware panels that offer access to all relevant parameters and details of devices and complete infrastructure. With thought-through functionalities and "if-this-then-that" logics, it guides the users through the entire process and advises on the best way to develop workflows and trigger actions. The benefits are clear; in intuitive mode and stripped down to their essentials, extensive and complex systems can be learned and operated more quickly. And clear visualisation on the user interface keeps the users in control with a clear overview of proceedings at all times.

New and an IBC-first is the company's meshLINK wireless transmission system demonstrated at the outdoor stand 0.A01. With meshLINK, Broadcast Solutions takes high-quality wireless video transmission to the next level: Providing state-of-the-art video encoding, full-duplex IP and Mesh networking as a truly rugged and straightforward system. meshLINK represents the latest developments in RF technology on the one hand and breakthroughs in ultra-low latency UHD HEVC encoding on the other, now combined in one product. This is a true duplex IP-based wireless system allowing a wide range of functions during live broadcasts, like RCP and telemetry integration.

Example Features:

  • Super-low latency (down to 45 ms in HD and 75 ms in 4K)
  • Mesh functionality: A radio is a transmitter, receiver and repeater at the same time – offering safe and uninterrupted signal transmission in non-line-of-sight situations and congested environments
  • 1 to 4 HD encoding channels (4 channels coming soon) on one frequency only
  • Makes use of existing IP infrastructure to enhance networks and can be managed from any access point via a user-friendly GUI without touching the system on the side of the pitch

Also at the outdoor stand 0.A01 are Birds Camera Solutions' cable camera systems. Birds Camera Solutions is part of the Broadcast Solutions Group and offers a variety of modern and cutting-edge cable camera systems available on the market, ranging from small to big. Using aerial cable cameras by Birds Camera Solutions, venue owners and production companies add a powerful new technology to their facility to produce stunning 3D pictures or to their live TV production. The cable camera systems are available for rental and sale, for temporary events and permanent installs.

All systems are equipped with gyro-stabilised remote heads that allow camera movements in all axes. Part of our service is the production support on-site with planning and rigging, as well as experienced camera operators and camera pilots.

In addition, all systems offer a native augmented reality integration. All relevant data about camera position, alignment and lens parameters can be integrated into common AR systems and enable precise camera tracking in the AR system.

Visit the Broadcast Solutions stands 0.A01 and 10.C35 at IBC Show from 9-12 September 2022. We very much look forward to meeting you.

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