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Customised standard that fits your needs

They combine future proof technology, short delivery times and maximum flexibility in daily use with significant cost savings. With already more than 50 units built, Streamline are the most successful OB Vans in the world!

All Streamline OB Vans available with 4K / UHD
Number of Streamline OB Vans build since 2011
Average construction time in days

Our Streamline OB Vans are the perfect solution for all kinds of outside broadcasting tasks. We offer them in five different versions: for typical 4, 6, 8, 12 to 16+ camera productions. All five models give our customers the freedom to choose the solution that best fits their needs, depending on their live production environments.

A special variant within the Streamline Family are models S12L and S24. These OB Vans excel with more individual designs, different workflow and room concepts as well as special coachbuilding to meet the customer’s demands. All Streamline OB’s are highly developed and pre-engineered solutions, delivered turnkey to the customer and fitting in any live production environment thinkable. With the Streamline OB Vans we pushed the business of building OB Vans to the next level, transferring them into COTS products.

Each Streamline OB Van can be delivered as 4K / UHD version, thus enabling the customers to produce with forward-looking OB Vans and to be prepared to deliver 4K / UHD content.

As standard models, we are offering the BS-SUPPORT-VAN (based on a self-driving chassis) and the BS-TENDER-VAN (based on a trailer) and equipped with the following features.

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We are experts in air condition solutions and offer our Streamline OB Vans with two air condition options (up to 55° C), thus ensuring working ability under the harshest climate conditions.

Using our vast experience in building outside broadcast vehicles we have focused all our knowledge and expertise into the Streamline OB Van concept. Offering high-standard technology, elaborate coachbuilding-, equipment- and workspace-solutions, the Streamline products excel with short delivery times and price advantages.

With our expert-knowledge and years-long experience in building OB Vans we are able to deliver these OB Vans in a very short time. Further key points of the Streamline success are pre-engineered concepts combined with optimized and cutting-edge equipment. All this results in a nearly “off the shelf” OB Vans with maximum reliability and with the highest standard in quality and durability available on the market.

The Streamline Family

Panel van for up to 4 camera productions, providing 5 workplaces

OB Van based on truck chassis / box body combination for up to 6 camera productions, providing 7 workplaces

OB Van based on truck chassis / box body combination for up to 8 camera productions, providing 9 workplaces and storage area for the complete equipment

OB Van based on truck chassis / box body combination for up to 12 camera productions, providing 10 to 12 workplaces

Full-size trailer for up to 12 camera productions, providing 15 workplaces and storage area for the complete equipment

The S12T is a variant of the S12 with a slightly changed room layout and without storage. 

Full-size trailer for up to 16 camera productions, providing 20 workplaces


Compact trailer for up to 12 camera productions, providing 19 workplaces

A24 is the largest Alphaline OB Van. The resources provision for a 24 + 4 camera workflow.