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GENIE – Converged Digital Intercom System

Ethernet Beltpack + 5 GHz Wireless Beltpack Connections in one system.

GENIE, LaON’s new generation system, is the industry’s first converged digital intercom system turning the traditional concept of the intercom system into a whole new creative solution.

With GENIE SOLO, 6 remote antennas, 60 speaker stations, 60 Ethernet beltpacks or 60 repeaters can all be connected through PoE with a base station while having 128 wireless beltpack connections at the same time. By this boundless hybrid solution of wired or wireless connections, GENIE offers highly scalable and flexible system configurations and capabilities.

GENIE provides an easy-to-extend system structure from an initial small system to a large scale of system tier by tier upon requirements. Also, GENIE Configuration Manager (GCM) supports for an efficient and integrated management of the system by its easy setup and various monitoring functions with full visibility.

License-free 5 GHz UNII BAND

GENIE operates in 5 GHz UNII band, the worldwide licensefree frequency band that provides approximately up to 29 RF channels depending on the regions as opposed to few RF channels on 2.4 GHz ISM band.

Therefore, users can enjoy pleasant wireless communications with even less traffic or interferences. With the advantages of high frequency band, the system is also hardly affected by high-power digital equipment such as amplifiers and speakers.

Daisy-chain PoE configurations

GENIE is a daisy-chain connection enabled system that transmits both data and power through PoE. In view of system redundancy, loopback can also be set by building a ring connection. You can easily wire and install complex systems using lightweight Cat-S/6 STP cables with even less workload for the setup.




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5 GHz INTERCOM – Channel-rich, Scalable, Stable and Seamless Wireless Intercom Solution

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