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Imagen Announces Partnership With Newsbridge and Broadcast Solutions to Provide AI-Powered Media Preparation and Distribution Platform

Imagen, the intuitive video management platform, announces today its partnership with Paris-based AI-powered story production platform Newsbridge and the leading broadcast tech solutions company, Broadcast Solutions, to facilitate the distribution of media to journalists and media organisations around the world.

Bingen am Rhein, 06.10.2020

The combination of Imagen and Newsbridge’s technology seamlessly brings together two best-in-class tools, creating one system to provide broadcasters with increased efficiency and faster speed-to-market – vital in today’s fast-paced media landscape. The partnership integrates the two platforms and enables automated and optimised content indexing as well as AI-driven metadata tagging to accelerate the workflow.

Thanks to AI-enhanced features, including facial recognition, customers will be able to search for content faster and more efficiently than ever before. Nicolas Hans, Partner at Broadcast Solutions Middle East and Africa, explains, “In today’s global content marketplace, our clients require scalable distribution and syndication platforms such as Imagen. But to service multilingual audiences, they need to streamline the preparation of media by automating the creation and facilitating the curation of descriptive metadata – that’s where Newsbridge cognitive indexing services and tools kick in.”

Charles-Edouard Pezé, Head of Partnerships at Newsbridge, commented, “This collaboration with Imagen allows us to showcase our tool’s versatility, how Newsbridge seamlessly generates value amidst the media flow and helps Imagen’s customers to access and share their content more quickly than ever before. Our AI-powered metadata tagging means that little to no manual intervention is needed to tag assets, saving both time and resources for the end users and allowing them to focus on tasks where human operators make an actual difference. We look forward to working with Imagen to bring these capabilities to other organisations.”

Owen Shackman, Partnerships Director, Imagen added, “We are very excited to be partnering with Newsbridge. This further demonstrates our commitment to working with market-leading, agile providers who add tremendous benefit to the content value journey for our clients. This is a great complement to the Imagen offering, allowing us to help content owners satisfy their audiences in a more cutting-edge and effective way, enabling them to unlock the added value of video and rich media.”

“At the forefront of the broadcast industry, we’ve seen the rapid acceleration of the news cycle and the need for the integration of advanced production tools with modern distribution platforms. Optimal workflow design, streamlined metadata management and turnkey project management were our contribution to making this imagen and Newsbridge partnership a reality,” says Salah Ayoub, Head of Middle East Projects at Broadcast Solutions.

About Imagen

Imagen is an intuitive video management platform that enables sports organisations, media companies and enterprise sectors to intelligently manage their video content with enhanced functionality, control, and insight. Imagen is being used by global organisations to manage and distribute their expanding video and media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through the highly customisable platform.

Imagen’s customers include Premier League, Women’s Tennis Association, BP, Reuters, BBC and IMG, part of Endeavor. The secure platform is also used by the Ministry of Defence, and preserves archive collections for Imperial War Museums, the British Library and the BFI.

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About Newsbridge

Newsbridge is a cloud-based solution offering video indexing tools based on multimodal Artificial Intelligence (AI) contributions for publishers and broadcasters. Taking into account facial, object and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context, Newsbridge provides unprecedented access to content. Whether it be media logging, archiving or investigative research - the solution allows for smart media asset management. For more information visit:


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