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Broadcast Solutions at Broadast Asia Show 4F4-01

Broadcast Solutions GmbH, one of Europe’s largest system integrators, will take part at Broadcast Asia trade show, from June 18 to 20 in Singapore.

Bingen (Germany), 12.06.2019

Broadcast Solutions draws on more than 15 years’ experience in planning and developing complex broadcast facility projects and OB Vans. With its production of tailor-made OB Vans and pre-engineered Streamline OB Vans the company is Europe’s largest manufacturer of mobile production tools. The company is a trailblazer in the realms of remote production, IP-based broadcasting, UHD, Augmented and Virtual Reality, wireless communication and HDR workflows. Leveraging their in-depth understanding of the latest technology and the needs of the customers, the company gives them tools that represent future-proof, reliable and reasonable investments.

Visitors of the stand will have the chance to learn more about the future-driven projects the company has realised recently plus a number of product presentations that again mirror Broadcast Solutions’ innovative approach such as hi, Robycam or Mobile Viewpoint.

As premier to the Asian market Broadcast Solutions shows their control solution hi – human interface. hi is the perfect man-machine link and ushers in a new age in the control of broadcasting and media technology. Using the latest auto-discovery and zero-config technologies, hi reduces the setup and configuration time of broadcast and A/V-media systems dramatically via a user interface that provides easy control and monitoring of complex infrastructures, and resembles those of common smart mobile devices.

A further focus will be the Robycam cable camera system. Robycam is the most modern aerial camera system on the market and is used in national and international sporting events, live shows and TV productions, indoors and outdoors. The system is available on a rental basis with full production support included or for sale.

The Robycam system uses four real-time controlled automatic winches and a sophisticated motion control system that allows for millimetre accurate and fast camera movements - up to 8 m/s in all axes are possible. The largest system has an operating radius of more than 250 m x 250 m and works fully redundant (UPS units on each computer). Robycam Compact is a smaller version. Same as its bigger brother, the camera can move freely through space in vertical and horizontal dimensions allowing to shoot spectacular images from all viewing angles Robycam Compact is designed for use in TV studios and small and medium-sized sports venues, for example, basketball or ice-hockey halls and covers an area of up to 80x80 m with a top speed of 4 m/s.

All systems comply with the German safety standard DGUV 17/18 (formerly BGV-C1) and meet all other important national safety requirements. The Robycam systems come with native augmented reality integration and can be integrated with all major AR systems to provide accurate tracking data of camera position, orientation and lens parameters

Broadcast Solutions with their regional office in Singapore is the exclusive distributor for the full products portfolio of the Dutch IP-solutions specialist Mobile Viewpoint and will present the latest products at their stand.

Mobile Viewpoint offers portable and fixed encoding devices to enable fast and reliable video contribution with just a click of a button. With the company`s solutions, it becomes easy to go live, edit, stream and share high-quality live video anywhere and anytime.

With 15 sports attracting more than 4,000 participating athletes, the European Games is one of world sports’ largest competitions. ISB was appointed the main contractor, producing the world feed from the Belarusian capital Minsk.

ISB’s mobile production called on Belarus TV’s mobile production resources to cover the opening and closing ceremonies and the event’s most important games, including OB Vans and support vans. Belarus TV deployed the flightcase studios for the unilateral signals. All of the OB Vans are newly commissioned and were developed and delivered by German system integration company Broadcast Solutions at the beginning of this year. During the Games, Broadcast Solutions provided production support with dedicated specialists that monitored the production and technology.

“We are very happy to support ISB producing the TV-programme for one of the most prestigious sports events that took place in Belarus so far, especially as a Belarusian company,” says Alexey Washjurine, Deputy CTO of Belarus TV. “ISB’s trust in our teams and the newly acquired production tools validates our decision to invest in mobile production tools from Broadcast Solutions. During the event the OB Vans worked smoothly and Broadcast Solutions’ support on-site was just perfect.“

Each mobile production set comprises an 18-camera HD OB Van, a four-camera HD flightcase studio and a support vehicle. All four OB Vans have an identical design and work as 20-ton semitrailers with two extensions and up to 18 cameras operating in HD – two wireless, two SuperSlomo and 14 standard HD-cameras.

Onboard the OB Vans is a selection of Grass Valley cameras, vision mixers, video routers, multiviewers and slow motion servers. The audio relies on Calrec Audio broadcast consoles and audio routers. IHSE KVM systems secure access to computers and workstations, and the intercoms are based on Riedel Artist systems.

The flightcase studios also employ Grass Valley cameras, with FOR.A vision mixers and Ross Video routers. Yamaha mixers manage the audio, with KVM systems from Guntermann & Drunck.

For orchestration within the OB Vans and flightcase studios, Belarus TV opted for Broadcast Solutions’ proprietary control system, hi – hi controls all production-relevant areas in the vehicles such as video routers, multiviewers, audio routers and tally. Intuitive touch controls and newly developed hi hardware controls simplify day-to-day production operations in the OB Vans.

The European Games are an international multi-sport competition among athletes of the European continent held every four years under the direction of the European Olympic Committees.

The 2nd European Games, hosted by the Belarusian capital of Minsk, comprised 15 sports, eight of which provide qualifying status to the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. Competitions in boxing and judo were held in the European Championships status. A total of more than 4,000 athletes participated.


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