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Audio Transmitter Specialist Q5X signs dealer agreement with Broadcast Solutions for European Territory

Wireless audio transmitter specialist Q5X has appointed Broadcast Solutions as a new dealer in Europe. The company recently inked a dealer agreement for all European territories with a focus on broadcast-related customers.

Bingen (Germany), 19.11.2019

Canadian company Q5X manufactures the smallest, safest, smartest, most rugged, comfortable and powerful broadcast-quality audio transmitters. The small transmitters come into play as a body-worn solution in many demanding environments and occasions such as sports (NBA, MLB, NHL), theatre productions, reality TV as well as many other broadcast and film productions.

The company offers fully featured mobile and rackmount receivers, but additionally, Q5X transmitters are compatible with analogue receivers from Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics and Wisycom. “Although we have been proven in the US broadcast market for over fifteen years, our products are still relatively unknown throughout Europe”, says Paul Johnson, Q5X CEO. “We are delighted to partner with Broadcast Solutions to bring our unique wireless transmitters to their customers.” says Gerry Forde, Business Development Manager Europe, at Q5X.

Antti Laurila, Global Sales Director at Broadcast Solutions, comments on adding Q5X to the portfolio: “The products of Q5X are the most robust and reliable tools we have seen so far. We are very excited to add them to our products portfolio. They will be a great add-on for our customers, especially in live and sports productions.”

The transmitters are totally remote controlled utilizing Q5X’s proprietary RCAS (Remote Control Audio System) and handheld MicCommander. This means that all transmitter functions can be adjusted from a distance without bothering the talent or interfering with the performance. The flagship PlayerMic has an extraordinarily ruggedized design utilizing a flexible rubber case which makes it the safe solution for pro athletes around the world. With long battery life (up to 16 hours), their water-proof (up to 10 m) AquaMic means new application scenarios are nearly endless, thus making never seen and exciting productions possible and bringing the viewer nearer to the action.

Broadcast Solutions already presented the Q5X products at AudioVisual Expo in Finland and Monitor Roadshow in Sweden in October. A further chance to see the innovative products will be the Broadcast Innovation Day event at the Broadcast Solutions headquarters in Bingen, Germany, taking place 28 of November.

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