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Broadcast Solutions Hungary Kft.
Íves út 8.
1044 Budapest, Hungary

Phone:+36 1 770 7040


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Budapest (Hungary), 16.05.2023

BSH- Aveco Partnership

    Budapest (Hungary), 16.05.2023

    BSH - Editshare Partnership

      Las Vegas (USA),

      Grass Valley’s International Sales Performance Award

      Nice result of Broadcast Solutions Group’s cooperation & partnership with Grass Valley!

        Budapest (Hungary),

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          Frankfurt (Germany),

          Prolight and Sound 2023

          Prolight and Sound 2023

            Budapest (Hungary),

            Welcome to the future - SMPTE 2110 Part I.

            SMPTE 2110 protocol is becoming the future of the broadcast industry, and for a good reason. It allows for a more efficient and flexible way to transport video, audio, and data over IP networks. This makes it possible to improve the quality of live streaming and reduce costs in the future thanks to the fact that the (video-audio) router will be standard equipment which is used widely in IT. It is not used widely currently, but we are sure this technology will be part of our lives soon and we need to start addressing the opportunity now to provide the best future-proof solution for our customers. 

            Bingen (Germany) / Budapest (Hungary), 26.08.2020

            Broadcast Solutions Hungary Ensures Live-Feed at Blue Ribbon Round the Lake Balaton Race in Hungary With a Silvus MESH Radio Network

            What was initially planned as a POC to show the capabilities of a MESH network providing internet connection to wireless cameras at the Blue Ribbon – Round the lake Balaton Race in Hungary, became the game-changer for Hungarian national broadcaster with its channel M4 Sport on-site to ensure stable signal connections for the live broadcast.

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