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Virtual Studios / AI

Remote productions, virtual studios and sets as well as AI-supported production environments are means to meet the changes in the broadcast industry. The focus is on simplifying production processes, new production possibilities up to fully automated studio environments.


Zero Density

Zero Density's Reality Engine is the next generation implementation of virtual studios for broadcast, live events and the e-sports industry. The real-time broadcast compositing system Reality Engine enables hyper-realistic rendering and compositing and can be used natively for 4K/UHD or SDI production. The Reality Keyer is an image-based keyer that is easy to use and delivers perfect results.


Mobile Viewpoint

Mobile Viewpoint offers portable and fixed encoding and transmission devices for live TV productions at any conceivable location. The systems support H.265 video encoding and offer the highest possible image and audio quality at the lowest possible bandwidth. The range of products includes mobile encoders, rack encoders and decoders, automated studios and IP-based video contribution solutions.


nxtedition maps planning, writing, editing, playout and archiving in a single system. Users work in a simple user interface to manage and organize media, write stories and create rundowns that are broadcast live or recorded in the studio. Studio automation, including graphics, camera inserts, video, prompter content, lighting and audio control, robotics, video walls, etc. can be added to stories that control the automated playout of the entire production.

Further Application Scenarios


Fast and secure signal transport as well as monitoring and analysis of media content are basic requirements for working productions. Communication between the teams is just as important to achieve a perfect result.


Live Production

On air in minutes, all on, now no mistakes are allowed. In live productions every moment counts and the entire production chain must work. But here, too, innovations are always in demand that offer completely new perspectives and bring the viewer closer to the action.


Post Production, Storage / Archive and Cloud

In order for teams to work on projects and put the finishing touches on them, they need innovative editing tools. But they also need innovative collaboration tools that make post-production, storage and archiving cloud-ready and simplify data exchange and simultaneous networked access to all data and projects.