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Post Production, Storage/Archive and Cloud

In order for teams to work on projects and put the finishing touches on them, they need innovative editing tools. But they also need innovative collaboration tools that make post-production, storage and archiving cloud-ready and simplify data exchange and simultaneous networked access to all data and projects.



Avid offers a comprehensive range of products, software and services for media professionals. Avid offers powerful technology and tools to help creative professionals across all industries produce, edit, manage, store, publish, and share video and audio content for film, television, post-production, studios, and the live events industry.


IBM Aspera enables reliable, secure and ultra-fast data transfer. Large files and data sets can be sent, shared, streamed and synchronised securely, reliably and at maximum speed over global IP networks. The following software solutions are available: Transfer Servers, Sharing Servers, Clients-Mobile Apps, Management & Automation, Streaming, Enterprise Applications and Synchronization


Creative tools for editing, visual effects and motion graphics. BORISFX offers effect plugins which have been setting standards in video editing for years. With the effect suites Continuum, Sapphire and Mocha an almost endless selection of effects is available.


With RX 9, Izotope has one of the most intelligent audio editing tools for studio and post-production that can be considered an industry standard. Additional plug-ins and production suites offer tools for perfect mixing, vocal editing, effects and editing.


Share large amounts of data easily and securely using public and private networks. Signiant offers Accelerated File Transfer as a SaaS Solution - individually and flexibly tailored to the requirements of the customers.


Waves offers the world's largest selection of professional-quality audio plug-ins. The Effect Suites offer equalizers, compressors and award-winning reverbs, delays, virtual instruments or surround sound tools. The real-time processing and networking platform SoundGrid is compatible with many DAWs and provides latency-free audio monitoring. A range of software mixers and plug-in racks complete the offering.

Further Application Scenarios


Fast and secure signal transport as well as monitoring and analysis of media content are basic requirements for working productions. Communication between the teams is just as important to achieve a perfect result.


Live Production

On air in minutes, all on, now no mistakes are allowed. In live productions every moment counts and the entire production chain must work. But here, too, innovations are always in demand that offer completely new perspectives and bring the viewer closer to the action.

Zu den Produkten

Virtual Studios / AI

Remote productions, virtual studios and sets as well as AI-supported production environments are means to meet the changes in the broadcast industry. The focus is on simplifying production processes, new production possibilities up to fully automated studio environments.