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Launch of Company
Robycam Germany GmbH

Effective immediately Broadcast Solutions GmbH transferred rental and sales of the Robycam cable camera systems to a new company - Robycam Germany GmbH. The newly founded Robycam Germany GmbH will be jointly managed by managing directors Philip von Senden and Stefan Breder.

Bingen (Germany), 26.06.2018

With Philip von Senden appointed managing director and leading the company, a specialist in cable camera systems with more than 25 years of experience in live TV production joins the company. With his most prominent function as managing director at Spidercam GmbH, v. Senden previously worked in leading positions at Plazamedia, White Balance, TVN and SAT1, among others.

After establishing the new Robycam business unit at Broadcast Solutions GmbH, the Robycam System has since been used in many high-profile events throughout various fields, including concerts, Live and TV-shows, as well as sports events ranging from biathlon, handball and ice hockey to UEFA Champions League matches.

Stefan Breder, CEO of the Broadcast Solutions Group, comments on the new Robycam Germany GmbH: “Rental business and productions with the Robycam system at major national and international events are booming, and with the new company we can even better meet increasing customer requests. To do this, we will add more systems to our rental stock. I am happy to have Philip von Senden with us. He trusts in the system’s qualities, has excellent knowledge in the business area, and I am sure, as a team, we will successfully establish Robycam Germany in the market.”

Philip von Senden, Managing Director of Robycam Germany GmbH, adds: “I see a tremendous commercial potential for the Robycam system in the market and the focus of the new company is to expand Robycam's market presence significantly. I am very much looking forward to actively contribute to the success of Robycam systems and Robycam Germany GmbH, with all my know-how and commitment.”

Marc Schroeder, former contact at Broadcast Solutions GmbH for rental and sales of Robycam systems, also joins the new company as Senior Operation Manager. He continues to lead the system’s distribution and the realisation of productions.

Manufacture, assembly and production support of all Robycam systems within Robycam Germany is in the hands of the new company. All systems have a DGUV certification (previously BGV-C1) and therefore comply with all essential national and international safety regulations.

Further information on the Robycam systems can be found at

Your direct contact to Robycam Germany GmbH

Philip von Senden
Managing Director
Mobile: +49 151 10612752
Email: p.vonsenden(at)

Marc Schroeder
Senior Operation Manager
Tel: +49 6721 4008-109
Mobile: +49 172 6796113
Email: m.schroeder(at)

Robycam Germany GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 5
55411 Bingen am Rhein

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