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Broadcast Solutions Hungary Kft.
Íves út 8.
1044 Budapest, Hungary

Phone:+36 1 770 7040




MTVA, National Broadcaster
  • 10x Sony HDC-3500 Portable Studio Camera chain
  • 2 x Canon CJ15x4.3B 4K lens
  • 5 x Canon CJ25x7.6B 4K lens
  • 3 x Canon Digisuper
  • Camera cables and accessories
MTVA, National Broadcaster

ARRI Film lights

  • True Blue-series & M-series
  • L-7 & L-10 spots
  • Skypanel S30 & S60 
Smartfilm KFt

ARRI Film lights & Astera & Accessories

  • Skypanel S360 & S60 & S30
  • L-7 & L-10 spots
  • M series 18 & 40
  • Astera lights and riggs
VisionTeam L.O. Kft

ARRI Film cameras, lenses and accessories

  • Alexa Mini LF & Alexa 35 sets & Signature Prime lenses
Ringier Sports Média Hungary Kft

NDI based TV studio and control room

  • Newtek Tricaster TC1
  • BirdDog cameras
  • Behringer audio console
  • Sennheiser mics
  • SWIT lights with Muraro tripods

Kraft Rental Kft

ARRI Film lights and camera systems

  • ARRI Skypanles S-360,S-120 & S-30
  • Arrimax
  • Arri Alexa 35 set

TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

Planar-Leyard Video wall for NEWS studio

Sparks Kft

ARRI Film lights

  • ARRI skypanels & M Series


Imagine Nexio playout Server

TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

ENG camera sets

  • Sony PXW 400 cameras & accessories


TV2 Média Csoport Kft. archiving

Betacam tape digitalization/archiving

TV2, one of the leading TV channels of Hungary contracted BSH to digitize their high-value DigitBeta and BetaCamSP archive. The archive consists of 31 000 hours of video materials on 46 000 tapes. BSH provides the digitization and QC + QA as a service, which includes the hardware, the facilites and also the operators. After tape cleaning and digitization, BSH delivers the files to TV2 and when they confirm the acceptance of the files, the original tapes are destroyed and disposed according to the environmental regulations. 8 VTRs are used at a time in two shifts to  complete the work in one year.

19x Sony DVW-A500P and DVW-500P VTRs (including spares), 2x Indelt Beta Tape cleaners, 2x Editshare EFS 200 storages, Flow Automation, Metus Ingest, Qscan QC

TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

GV Sirius 830 hibrid router

Studio 1 Router replacement GV Sirius 830
TV2 signed a contract with BSH to modernize and upgrade their studio infrastructure in Studio1 to enable additional production flexibility and to enhance their systesm realibility. BSH delivers the GV and other related equipment, configures them and does the installation and cabling too. 

AMC Central Europe

GV Vega, Lawo V_Pro8, Hi, Sony Signage Displays

Studio PCR and a sports PCR refurbisment
AMC CE contracted BSH to refurbish their main playout and the dedicated Sports PCRs. The project includes moving the systems to a temporary location, then moving them back to the refurbished rooms. BSH also did the installation of the display systems, expansion of their existing multiviewer devices and integration of additional montoring options.

MTVA, National Broadcaster

Vinten Quattro

3x Pedestal Quattro-L + Vector 950 head

MTVA, National Broadcaster - Quantel

Support for 60+ sQ (Quantel) clients, 3 sQ production servers and 10+ connected IT servers, Xendata LTO HSM system

Quantel NRCS and Xendata HSM system support
BSH provides engineering support for MTVA's sQ (Quantel) news productions system and the connected Xendata LTO-based Hierarchical Storage Management system with a guaranted response time of 6 hours (on-premise if needed)

MTVA, National Broadcaster - Quantel

SQ (Quantel) Server replacement project

MTVA replaced their existing, sQ 800 servers with new, state-of-the-art sQ 1800 servers with BSH as the supplier and system integrator. The most challenging part of the project was the MTVA already had their storage system upgraded and wanted to re-use the existing equipment. As the storage had to be reconfigured, the migration of the exisiting content needed careful plannning and precise execution. The migration and the new needs from the customer required several changes in the Momentum MAM system too. 

MTVA Xendata LTO archive upgrade

MTVA Xendata upgrade

Xendata upgrade
MTVA choosed BSH to upgrade their Xendata LTO archive system which is used with GV sQ for their news production. The exisiting single-server solution will be expanded to a high-performance cluster system which can handle their need for fast file access in a redundant manner. The project also includes the migration of the assets from LTO6 to LTO8 tapes and placing a copy in a DR library. 


XenData SX-566 Cluster

MTVA, National Broadcaster Arri LED lights

ARRI Led lighting product sale

 L10, L7, Skypanel S30 & S60 with acc.

MTVA, National Broadcaster, Ross-Sony-Fujinon

Ross Video Pan-Tilt head with 6 Axis control system, Sony P50 camera, Fujinon HA23x7.6BERD optics


Movie production equipment sales

ARRI Alexa MINI LF with acc., ARRI Led and Fresnel lights with acc., Zeiss Signature Prime lens Set,Fujinon Premista Zoom Set, O'Connor tripods with Mitchell heads.


MTVA, National Broadcaster

Grass Valley Momentum system implementation, data migration

BSH won a tender for replacing MTVA's legacy MAM system (Mission) with GV's Momentum MAM. The project included the review of the existing data structure, workflows and integrations with the related systems. Also, BSH did the metadata migration between the MAM systems with the help of a purpose-built metadata migration framework. 

AMC Central Europe

Pebble Beach, Playout system  installation for 16 channels

BSH replaced and expanded AMC Networks CE's playout and automation system with Pebble Beach Systems' Marina automation combined with Dolphin playout servers. The robust, fully redundant system provides playout with compressed IP and HD SDI output for Thematic- and Sports channels. Both Marina and Dolphin are highly flexible, able to fit various requirements for the individual channels. 

MTVA, National Broadcaster

STUDER, Vista X Infinity audio console

BSH delivered an audio console system to MTVA. It interconnects with their existing audio infrastructure not just be exchanging audio signals but by sharing control and managment data.


BSH upgraded the core video infrastruture of ATV and replaced their Intercom system and one of the production switchers. The project also included control integration with Hi.


GV Sirius 830 hybrid router w. multiviwer, Clear-Com Eclipse Intercom system, GV Kahuna Production switcher, Hi system upgrade.


Media Vivantis

Production facility and studio for Media Vivantis

Media Vivantis moved its ingest and studio operations to a new building to accomodate their growing team and production needs. BSH was the system integrator for the project which involved the re-design of the recording and post-production workflows and improving their overall broadcast infrasture. We installed a new Ross Video Ultrixy 64x64 hybrid video router, a GV Kula mixer and a Yamaha QL1 audio console.  Also, 6 GV LDX82 Flex camera chains were deployed to make use of the bigger studio with 4 sets.  The post production system was rebuilt from scratch to enable agile, fast-turnaround collaborative Multicam editing workflows, based on Final Cut Pro X workstations. The asset management is powered by our Mediacube MAM and workflow management software. 


MediaCube MAM, New Broadcast IT infrasture; GV Kula, Densite, 6x LDX82 Flex camera chains;  Ross Ultrix Router 64x64, Dante audio system, Support and training



Switch TV - Kenya Red Cross Society

Green-field installation of a new TV station in Kenya, 2295k USD
The task was to design and implement a new HD TV station in Nairobi, Kenya from the ground up with the latest technologies and workflows to enable cutting-edge content creation for the East-African region. The project included the whole broadcast and IT infrastructure from the story creation
through the live studio production, to the post production and playout. Switch TV required a studio with 4 sets including a green box, with Sony studio and remotely operated cameras, ARRI LED lighting, newsroom and post-production system. Apart from the broadcast equipment, the supporting office IT infrastructure was also delivered by BSH for 50 seats. All the systems were tested, configured and preinstalled in Budapest before sending them to Nairobi to enable faster and smoother on-site installation. In the core of the video system, is a 12G-capable Ross Video Ultrix 70x70 hybrid router with integrated Multiviewer heads. By using a hybrid router, the glue infrastructure was greatly simplified, and it also gave real agility in the sound department which is centered around an Allen & Heath D-live digital mixer. The studio has Sony HSC-300RF and Sony BRC-H800/AC cameras. The video production is based on a GV Kula mixer and a Tricaster TC1 for the green-box shots. The ingest and playback is done with Avid Airspeed 5500 servers and Interplay Command. On-air graphics are generated by an Akatona IVS graphics solution. The news programs are created and orchestrated with the help of an Octopus Newsroom system which controls the playback of clips, the on-air graphics and the Autoscript IP prompters as well. The task of Traffic is solved by Planair traffic system solution.The communication between the production team members is facilitated through an AEQ Crossnet Intercom system which uses Dante networked audio. BSH also designed and delivered custom-made furniture for the studio control room to give the operators a stylish and comfortable working environment. Post production relies on Avid Nexis shared storage and Interplay Production Asset Management. There are Media Composer craft editors connected, some of them are fully featured seats with external video IO-s, audio mixers and baseband monitoring. 


Ross Video Ultrix router, AEQ Crossnet intercom system, Allen&Heath D-live  console, Sony HSC-300 RF camera system, Sony BRC-H800 PTZ camera, GV Kula, Tricaster TC1, Avid Airspeed 5500 servers and Avid Interplay command, Avid Nexis storage and Interplay Production Asset Management, Octopus newsroom system, Autoscript IP prompters, BSH furnitures, ARRI led lighting

AMC Central Europe

PCR and studio equipment relocation

AMC Networks Europe had been using and external facility (Origo Filmstudio) for their original productions. Due to several reasons AMC has built a new studio and office complex next to their existing facility. The scope was to move 3 small control rooms dedicated to sport programming including voice over and one big control room with all associated equipment. The part of this project was to install the new MER (Main Equipment Room). Also the new control room furniture was designed and manufactured by BSH engineering team.  

AMC Central Europe

New studio system for AMC

AMC decided to expand the production capacity by adding new system to the existing one. The scope of the project was to design and install a new control room besides of the new studio area. The core of the system was the existing Snell Sirius S620 video router. The multiviewer solution has been provided by GV Kaleido KX7. The vision mixer is SAM Kula 2ME. The Panasonic camera chain was provided by third party vendor. The audio system based around Allen&Heath DM32 DSP with Dante and MADI connected to LAWO VPro8, S7000 surface, DX32 IO boxes for studio. For wireless microphone and IEM were supplied by Shure ULXD/PSM1000 series connected via DANTE to the audio system. The intercom solution provided by RTS also using DANTE connections. The part of the project was to install the commentator rooms with Glensound IP Express units. The furniture of control room was also designed and manufactured by BSH engineering team.


GV Kaleido KX7, SAM Kula, A&H DM32, S7000, DX32, Shure ULXD, PSM1000

MTVA, National Broadcaster

Exchange of the existing Quantel FC Dylan Storage with new SAS drives

MTVA, National Broadcaster

Fujinon HA27x6.5 BESM, HA14x4.5 BERD, HA23x7.6 BERD lenses + servo kits

MTVA, National Broadcaster

Vinten Quattro-L pedestals + V950 heads, Sachtler  tripods

MTVA, National Broadcaster

Quantel NRCS and Xendata HSM system support


MTVA, National Broadcaster


Delivery of Sennheiser microport system and LED lights

Sennheiser series 6000 Dante system, Arri L7-C, L10-C, S30-C, S60C, ETC S4LED

MTVA, National Broadcaster

GV Sirius 830 hibrid router

Delivery of Studer Vista 5 audio mixer and audio accessories

TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

Main TX router replacement

TV2 Media Group Zrt. has decided to exchange their existing Snell Sirius S620 Main Transmission (TX) router to bigger Snell Sirius S830 router.  The challange was the preparation because TV2 has been broadcasting 12 channels at that time. The maxime available time slot for the job was 12 hours.

MTVA, National Broadcaster

Quantel NRCS and Xendata HSM system support

AMC Central Europe

Main HD SDI router replacement

AMC Networks Europe has decided to exchange their existing Snell Sirius S620 MCR router to bigger Snell Sirius S830 router. Beside of the router they have exchanged the router control panel range to the new IP based panels.  The challange was to finish the router exchange within 6 hours.

Echo Hungária TV Zrt.

New HQ for Echo TV

The task was to design and implement a new HQ for Echo TV (a Hungarian news channel) to host their modern, file-based playout infrastructure. Apart from installing the system, the complete workflow was re-designed to enable a state of the art tapeless HD workflow. The core of the video system is a 240x312 SAM Sirius 840 hybrid router with Integrated Multiviewers. The studios have 11 Sony HSC-300RF and 4 HDC-P1/A//U cameras in total, with SAM Kula video mixers and Allen&Heath D-Live digital audio consoles in the control rooms. The task of Traffic is solved by Planair traffic system solution.  The ingest and playback is done with an Imagine Communications Nexio system (NXPA290P servers, FTP and MOS gateways, MOS Playlist Manager, ICM). News programmes are created with the help of a VizRT Mosart MOS Automation solution and a TNT Studio Control system. On-air graphics is handled by Grassvalley Intuition XG servers. There was implemented a Grass VAlley Morpehus ICE automation solution as well.  The communication between the production team members is facilitated through a Clear-Com Eclipse Intercom system. Post-production is based on an Isilon X210 central storage with 5 nodes and GV Edius editing clients (13 craft editors and 30 newsroom clients) + first line support.

TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

Studio expansion

The scope of this project was to increase the capacity of the Local Production studios. They had only one control room for two studio areas. The request was to add another control room and small studio area. The highlight of the project to merge the existing equipment (12 cameras) with the new ones to reach one big solution pool with 25 cameras (Sony HDC1700) to handle any production type between 2 control rooms and any studios. The heart of the system is Snell Sirius S840 hybrid router 500 square video with massive audio processing and MADI connection to Calrec Artemis digital audio system with RTS intercom system. The vision mixer is Kahuna 6400. The control room monitoring is based on router built-in multiviewer. The studio complex features two Gigawave wireless camera solutions as well. The project has been designed, installed, integrated by BSH engineering team. 


TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

Studio 1 Upgrade

The Studio 1 at TV2 had to be upgraded due to the entire design of the studio. The new  project includeed the SAM S620 router, GV KX7 Multiviewer and Sony MVS6530 Vision Mixer expansion, Telemetrics robotic control upgrade, Autoscript Epic prompter. The challange was to install 4 pcs of   98" LG signage display. 


Autoscript Epic; Telemetrics RCCP-1; LG 98LS95A 


Digital audio console installation

Replacing the analog audio mixing console to digital solution. The Installed system includes DM48 DSP core with MADI and DANTE IF,  S7000 surface, 3 pcs DS32 IO boxes for studios.

TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

Curved LED wall for Studio background

The Studio 1 at TV2 had to be upgraded due to the entire design of the studio. News Studio LED wall - project. The novelty of this project was the installation of a 30m2 curved LED wall. 

TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

Launch of new TV channels

Channel expansion project from 4 channels to 12 channels that included all miscellaneous equipment besides Automation SW & HW. It includes multiviewers, A/P processing cards, distributions and inhouse control system for alarm management. 


GV Kaleido X16; GV Densite

TV2 Média Csoport Kft.

Automation expansion

SAM Morpheus Automation expansion project from 4 channels to 12 channels. The project included channel licenses, device drivers, automation hardware, installation, testing, miscellaneous engineering fees.