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Video Assistant Referee in Africa came of age at the recent CHAN in Cameroon

The 2020 African Nations Championship also known as the Championnat d'Afrique des Nations or CHAN was held from January 16 to February 7, 2021. This sixth edition of the biennial football tournament was organised by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and hosted by Cameroon. Morocco may have successfully defended their title, but the Cameroon Football Federation wrote a new page in the video assistant referee playbook.

Dubai (UAE) / Bingen am Rhein (Germany), 30.03.2021

Broadcast Solutions announced today that it will be delivering two additional Video Assistant Referee (VAR) systems for the Cameroon Football Federation. These systems are an extension to the existing platforms that were deployed last year.

For the first time, an African football federation developed and deployed its own VAR video operations room (or VARVOR) infrastructure. Local systems integrator Optimum was mandated in 2019 by the State of Cameroon to design, deploy and operate VAR infrastructure for the competition. In-line with Confederation of African Football (CAF) recommendations, Optimum selected EVS’ Xeebra as its core VAR platform. They then contracted Broadcast Solutions to design and integrate the video operations rooms that could meet the requirements of an international event such as the CHAN.

Talking about the rollout of the project, Gaéthan Donlap, Chief Operating Officer of Optimum says: “We faced three challenges. First, current IFAB and FIFA regulations require up to six operators – one Video Assistant Referee, two Assistant Video Assistant Referees, two Replay Operators and one Technical Guarantor – to share the same space during major games, which is a real challenge in Covid times! Second, we needed best of breed intercom integration between the VARVOR and the referees on the pitch. Finally, we had to build a platform that could meet the tropical climate that we enjoy here in Cameroon.”

As a FIFA certified VAR technology provider and with EVS as a key technology partner, Broadcast Solutions was keen to step up to the plate and support Optimum, the Cameroon Federation and CAF.

“Our expertise in mobile production platforms was essential to successfully addressing Optimum requirements”, explains Stefan Breder, CEO and co-founder of Broadcast Solutions. “Beyond system integration of AV infrastructure, we had to ensure that ergonomics, air conditioning and power management met the requirements that a mission-critical service like VAR requires.”

The resulting four VARVOR platforms were integrated into ISO compliant 20 feet containers. These shelters provide the operating room needed by the referees and VAR operators, as well as the power distribution and AC required for systems to run.

“We are impressed with the VAR platforms that Optimum deployed for the CHAN”, says Wael Elsebaie, VAR Project Manager from CAF. “Now certified, these platforms can be moved from one stadium to another without the need for renewed certifications. The EVS Xeebra video assistance system only requires some simple configuration data from a surveyor to update the virtual offside line detection system.”

These VARVOR systems were successfully deployed during the recent African Nations Championship to service referees and their assistants. Moving forward, two additional VARVOR platforms are being built by Broadcast Solutions for the coverage of the African Cup of Nations or CAN that will be hosted by Cameroon in February 2022. These will be commissioned in partnership with CAF authorities in Germany.

“We are extremely proud to contribute to this exciting project of VAR Video Operation driven by Optimum. Beyond offering certified VAR functionalities, Xeebra has been designed by EVS to adapt to the most demanding and creative requirements in terms of connectivity and flexible deployment” says Nicolas Bourdon, Chief Marketing Officer at EVS.

About Optimum
Optimum is a system integrator whose core business is the supply and integration of multimedia services: voice, data, images and whose main areas of work today is the audio-visual integration of the production of images up to their distribution to the four corners of the planet. Widely open to the world, Optimum works with world-class technological partners in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

Optimum was selected by the State of Cameroon to implement all media and broadcast infrastructure across the four stadiums that hosted the CHAN 2021 and the seven sites that will host the CAN 2022. This included all the fixed satellite earth stations, media workspaces with embedded technology platforms including commentary positions, press interview rooms, media centres, radio and TV stations, as well as all Master Control Rooms. Optimum mandate was extended to the procurement and integration VAR platforms with challenge to meet international standards and adapting the choices to local constraints.

About EVS
As a market leader in live video technology for broadcast and new media productions, EVS provides reliable products and solutions that capture the excitement and emotions of live events worldwide. Trusted by major broadcasters, federations and content owners, EVS’ broad solution portfolio spans the entire production cycle, to help maximize the value of their media content in sports, news, TV entertainment, as well as esports.

The Xeebra multi-camera review system allows officials or video operators to review plays with the utmost clarity and confidence. Its intuitive touchscreen lets them zoom in with a simple touch-and-pinch gesture to review every angle in detail - quickly, efficiently and in complete synchronization. The EVS system also offers an AI-driven offside line technology that has successfully completed FIFA’s Quality Programme for Virtual Offside Lines (VOL).


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