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Broadcast Solutions Starts Delivery of Major Order
to State Broadcaster Belarus TV

Broadcast Solutions has begun delivery of a major order to Belarus’ state broadcaster Belarus TV. Belarus TV, BelTV for short, has commissioned four production sets to Broadcast Solutions, one of Europe’s largest system integrators.

Bingen (Germany), 15.01.2019

The reason for BelTV’s order are the second European Games to be held in June 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. To capture this major event comprehensively and to produce to international TV standards, the state broadcaster commissioned the vehicles and flight case studios.

One key factor that drove the customer to choose Broadcast Solutions is their ability to respond quickly to customer requests and deliver projects even of this size exceptionally quickly. Another important aspect for the customer was the high quality and the label “Made in Germany” all Broadcast Solutions projects reflect.

Yuri Kolyachko, CTO of BelTV comments on the project and working with Broadcast Solutions: “When building the four production sets, for us it was important that our partner has all the experience and capacities to deliver such a large project in a very short time – without compromises regarding outstanding quality.” Kolyachko adds: “Broadcast Solutions provided excellent support during planning and production, and the first vehicles we have already put into service fully meet our expectations. We feel in good hands with Broadcast Solutions and look forward to the first productions with the new tools. They will elevate the level of television in Belarus decisively.”

All four OB Vans have an identical design and work as 20-ton semitrailers with two extensions and with up to 18 cameras in HD: two wireless, two SuperSlomo and 14 standard HD-cameras. Each of the flight case studios is designed for four cameras.

Within the OB Vans, Broadcast Solutions implemented Grass Valley cameras, vision mixers, video routers, multiviewers and slow motion servers. The audio section relies on Calrec audio mixers and audio routers. IHSE KVM systems secure access to computers and workstations, and the intercom signals are processed using Riedel Artist systems.

The flightcase studios also work with Grass Valley cameras while FOR.A’s vision mixers and Ross routers are used. KVM systems from Guntermann & Drunck and Yamaha audio mixers are in place in the mobile studios.

Broadcast Solutions’ self-developed control system hi is used in the OB vans and the flight case studios for the first time. hi controls all production-relevant areas in the vehicles such as video routers, multiviewers, audio routers and tally. Intuitive touch controls and newly developed hi hardware controls simplify day-to-day production operations in the OB Vans.

Part of each production set is a 26-ton support truck, which ensures the necessary independence during productions. Besides the usual storage space, the support truck is equipped with a 62 kW generator and restrooms for the production crew. The restrooms also have a kitchenette including self-sufficient fresh water supply.

Each set comprises an 18-camera HD OB Van, a 4-camera HD flightcase studio and a support vehicle. The first two production vehicles left Broadcast Solutions’ production facilities in December 2018 and the bulk order will be completed by April 2019. Until this date, the other identical sets will be delivered to the customer at regular intervals.

4-camera HD flightcase studio

Cameras:4x Grass Valley Focus 75 Live
Video Mixer:FOR.A HVS 110 1 M/E
Monitors:1x 32“ NEC, 2x 17,3“ Konvision
Video Matrix:Ross Ultrix FR-1 inklusive Multiviewer
Slomo Server:Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G
Control:Broadcast Solutions hi
KVM:Guntermann & Drunck
Audio Mixer:Yamaha TF-1 mit 16 Fadern
Audio Monitoring:KRK
Intercom:Riedel C44

Support Van, truck with box body

Length:12.43 m
Width:2.55 m
Height:4 m
Weight:21.2 t
Features:Storage Generator (62 kW) Restroom incl. kitchenette with self-sufficient fresh water supply

Overview of the technology in detail:

18-camera OB Van Trailer with two expansions

Length:12.43 m
Width:2.55 m (4.34 m with expansions)
Height:4 m
Weight:20.6 t
Cameras:14x Grass Valley LDX 82, 2x Grass Valley LDX 86 (Slowmotion), 2x Grass Valley LDX 82 (Wireless)
Vision Mixer:Grass Valley Karrera 3 M/E with 4 M/E K-Frame / Grass Valley Korona 1M/E (2. Regie)
Production2x 24” Konvision / 5x48“ NEC
Slomo7x 21,5” Iiyama
Engineering:4x 21,5” Konvision / 1x 24” Konvision / 3x 48“ NEC / 1x 21,5“ Iiyama
Audio2x 24” Konvision
Multiviewer/SplitterSAM MV 820
Video Matrix:SAM Vega 700 216x216
Slomo Server:2x Grass Valley K2 Dyno Elite-8 HD / 1x K2 Dyno Elite-16 for Supermotion or 4K with HD Cutout
Control:Broadcast Solutions hi
KVM:IHSE Draco tera
Video Measurement:Tektronix WFM 5200, WVR 7200
Audio Mixer:Calrec Brio 36 mit 36 Fadern
Audio Matrix:Calrec Hydra2 512x512
Audio Monitoring:KRK
Audio Effects:TC Electronic TC-M6000
Audio Measurement:RTW-TM7
Intercom:Riedel Artist 128
Wireless Talk-Back:Riedel RiFace / Motorola
Video Stageboxen:4x Video mit 1x SDI IN/OUT
Audio Stageboxen:1x Audio with 32 Mic/Line IN, 8 Line OUT, 4 AES IN/OUT, 2x Wireless MIC, 2x In-Ear,1x Surround Mic
Networking:Cisco Switch


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