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Broadcast Solutions provides modern outside broadcast systems for AzamTV, Tanzania
- Tanzanian production company prepares for major sports hosting

Broadcast Solutions, one of Europe’s largest media systems integration groups, has delivered a large outside broadcast truck, flyaway kits and support systems to Azam Media Ltd. The equipment allows Azam to deliver world-class productions across Africa.

Bingen (Germany), 18.03.2024

Azam Media Ltd, popularly known as AzamTV, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, provides wide coverage of sports and info-entertainment events across Africa.

The project involved building a fully-functional, 12-camera outside broadcast truck. In the single-expanding trailer Broadcast Solutions provided a Ross production switcher and router, EVS XT-GO replay systems, and a Lawo mc236 audio console, one of the most modern on the African continent. The contract also provided 12 Sony HDC 3100 cameras with Canon lenses, together with 2 Dream Chip mini-cameras for POV applications.

Also delivered as part of the same contract were three flight case production kits. Designed to support five cameras each, these will be used to provide coverage of local football leagues. The clever, compact design from Broadcast Solutions also includes Newtek 3PLAY replay servers, ensuring that the coverage is as slick and professional as modern audiences expect.

To provide links back from remote locations, there are also three C-band flyaway satellite uplinks. Finally, Broadcast Solutions designed and built a specialist VAR van, including access to EVS servers, and built to FIFA standard to accommodate the growing number of certified VAR officials in the region.

“The strong growth in our business, particularly around sports rights, meant that this was the right time to make this major investment,” said Raghvendra Tiwari, Head of Department – Technical at Azam Media. “We looked at multiple systems integration companies in Europe and Africa, and Broadcast Solutions understood our needs and proposed a strongly compliant solution. They have a good reputation in Africa, not just for initial quality but also for continuing support, and this has proved an excellent partnership.”

Wladislaw Grabowski, Managing Director / COO at Broadcast Solutions added “While we have a range of ‘standard’ designs for outside broadcast fleets, every production company is different. They need specific functionality to meet their market; they have different workflows; they have different preferences over key equipment. We are able to take all our knowledge and experience, rapidly understand the specific requirements, and build and deliver quickly. This has been another great project for us: a rapid turnaround and a happy customer.”

The new outside broadcast unit, its support truck, the flight case production kits and the VAR van were built in the Broadcast Solutions workshops in Bingen am Rhein, with all systems integration, wiring, testing and commissioning signed off in the factory before shipping to Tanzania.

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