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AFCEA 2018 - Broadcast Solutions Presents Integrated Solutions for Wireless IP-MESH Communication in Live Operation

From April 11 to 12, German system integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH will present integrated solutions for wireless IP-MESH communication at AFCEA. The presentation at stand ME 16 will focus on IP-based, mobile ad-hoc networks (MANet / MESH), which can be operated as a secure and robust communication infrastructure without having to resort to existing infrastructures. At stand ME 16, Broadcast Solutions will be presenting exemplary applications and a wireless communication network in live mode.

Bingen (Germany), 09.04.2018

During the show days, Broadcast Solutions and its partner company Haivision will show how easy it is to create wireless networks and deliver high-quality data, i.e. HD video, without latency. The construction and operation of such a MANet is easy and stable even under adverse conditions.

In crises or disasters where public mobile networks, telecommunications and IT infrastructures are often corrupted or destroyed, mobile ad-hoc (MANET) solutions serve as MESH infrastructures can exchange and deliver data and content. These include video, IP-data, PTT voice, email and messaging, maps, building blueprints, GPS-tracking, etc.

The devices used in MESH systems are simultaneously transmitter / receiver as well as relays and connect automatically. Many nodes increase the performance and coverage of a network. If one node fails, the connection will automatically continue through another node. If nodes re-enter the network, the connection is automatically rebuilt in real time. The system is self-healing, and individual nodes are automatically detected. The nodes independently search for the best "routing" to the corresponding remote sites, thus creating an intelligent, homogeneous and stable IP-based network with data rates of up to 100 Mbps and offering excellent NLOS features.

Broadcast Solutions offers both individual components and complete solutions that ensure communication and data management, from data collection, data protection to data transfer - even via satellite connections. MANET is a proprietary system with IP-connectivity and based on MESH infrastructures. It can serve as the C4ISR framework of the future, building on existing technology, interconnecting with it, and adding future solutions.