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Drago Broadcast Services Implements LaON Wireless Intercom Systems
for Live Theatre Production

Drago Broadcast Services, part of the Spanish Secuoya Group, recently included a LaON Wireless Intercom System to their rental equipment.

Bingen (Germany), 15.03.2018

Drago Broadcast Services works as an audio-visual services management company, offering its services for TV-productions, shows, theatres and studios. For the production of prime-time TV-programs in a theatre at the famous Gran Via in Madrid, the company was looking for a wireless intercom system with the best audio quality on the market and the best field coverage possible. After extensive market research, they opted for the LaON LT750 system together with 16 belt packs.

Using the LT750 system with only one repeater, Drago can cover the complete theatre with all team members having an uninterrupted connection to all 16 belt packs. Working in the 5 GHz UNII Band all LaON systems guarantee system stability even in large contested site environments or contorted buildings, like theatres.

The LT750 is the largest independent system in the LaON solution portfolio. It comes with a 1RU base station and offers up to 128 belt packs and up to 10 remote station connections. It also has an audio quality of 7.2 KHz and a latency of only 23 ms.

LaON’s digital wireless intercom system is based on patented technology and offers the best audio quality with an excellent clarity by using the 5 GHz UNII Band, triple diversity - frequency, time and antenna, and frequency interference avoidance technologies.

LaON wireless intercom systems are distributed by Broadcast Solutions’ branch Broadcast Products.