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Body cams backup redefined

IWitness are committed to the mission of using technology for a safer tomorrow. They are proud of developing the body cams ensuring advanced technology, superior quality, and innovative and user-friendly designs.

Reliable backup can be a matter of life and death. This is something everyone knows. Knowing you can count on professional backup provides peace of mind and makes it possible to focus on the job 100%. Therefore IWitness are constantly working at innovating the products so they can indeed be your additional backup.


The IW4G has the revolutionary option to live-stream video (and audio) real-time over a 4G network without unsafe cables or external units.

This allows you to monitor, guide and counsel your staff real-time from the police station or HQ. Needless to say that this feature can save lives in case of an emergency. Thanks to the built-in battery you will never go out of power, you can change batteries while filming and streaming. The IW4G also has a UV (ultra violet) light on board that can assist you with authentication of documents, money, and can detect evidence at a crime scene. Combined with its PTT function (push to talk) the IW4G is the most complete body cam there is.

  • Resolution: up to 1080 (50fps)

  • Format: MP4

  • Lens field of view: up to 130 degrees (adjustable)

  • Watermark on video: yes

  • Snapshot function: yes (JPEG)

  • Password protected: yes

  • Pre-record (with audio): yes

  • Post record (with audio): yes

  • One touch recording: yes

  • Infrared: yes

  • Flashlight: yes

  • WIFI: yes

  • File tagging: yes

  • 4G live streaming: yes

  • PTT function (push to talk): yes

  • UV light (for document validation): yes

  • Secure video storage on camera: yes

  • GPS (GEO tagging): yes

  • GPS (real-time): yes

  • Audio message: yes

  • Weight gram/ounce: 167/5.89

  • Waterproof: IP67

  • Memory*: 32 GB (secured)

  • Alarm button: yes

  • Man-down function: yes

  • Two way audio: yes

* Standard memory is 32 GB, can be up to 168 GB

  • Battery life**: nonstop (removable battery and 10 min internal battery)

  • Charging time: 4-5 hours


**Environemental conditions, camera settings and age may increase or decrease specifications

  • Local/server: yes

  • Cloud: yes

  • Encrypted: yes

Multiple accessories, mounts and docks available for all IWitness models ( multidocks up to 10 cameras)

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