From SNG to VSAT, with the use of the latest technology we ensure your transmission. With our Satcom on the move technology even in full motion.

Satcom – from SNG to VSAT

Broadcast Solutions has integrated and delivered every conceivable variant of ENGs, SNGs, DSNGs or VSATs to customers all over the world.

Using innovative coach-building and the latest technology we can deliver nearly endless combinations in chassis and body that work under all conditions. From small trailer-based solutions to Siberia, to large off-road capable four-wheel drive vehicles for the Paris Dakar rally.

All kinds of DSNGs are possible: From the most advanced DSNGs for multiband and multi-feed purposes to remotely controlled solutions that simplify operation significantly. From the largest C-band systems to the smallest Ka-band solutions or even Satcom on the move, everything is possible. With our technology partner ProSat we can provide in-house solutions ranging from the smallest VSAT to large multiband Antenna systems and Suitcase products.

Satcom Satcom

As technological development is moving forward the combination of full-sized camera OBs with SNGs becomes even easier. This simplification leads to a strong combination of these technologies. Broadcast Solutions drives this development forward with its smaller OB vehicles for which a SNG solution is easily integrated.

To meet the increasing need for standardized SNGs with optional OB capability, we have developed a range of SNG solutions called S-DSNG. These vehicles make use of the latest Satcom technology and the best auto pointing antennas, thus allowing us to create very attractive solutions which are easy to use. In these vehicles we optionally can integrate OB functionality with up to 6 cameras in a good working environment using a standard panel van.

When it comes to our pre-engineered Streamline Family of vehicles, the S4, a full-value 4 camera OB and the smallest option within the Streamline Family, can be equipped with an SNG option easily.