Broadcast technology goes Surveillance. We transfer our experience in the broadcast business into the surveillance sector to create undreamed of surveillance solutions.


Having built more than 300 Outside Broadcast units over the years Broadcast Solutions transfers its vast knowledge in the broadcast and Satcom business to the security and surveillance sector.

This creates a new era of mobile solutions not attainable in the market before. Broadcast Solutions combines the latest HD broadcast technologies with advanced satellite communication to create solutions that offer major advantages. Together with our ROS server, the latest in video and lens technologies and ultra-slim low profile antennas that ensure Satcom on the move transmission, our vehicles are a great leap in performance, changing the perception of what is possible for the mobile surveillance and security sector.

Our Reality Observation Server is unique in capacity and size, providing recording on shock-proof SSD technology. Continuous capturing of up to 12 channels for 24 hours in HD resolution with magnifier function. This is ground-breaking in the industry.

Surveillance Surveillance

Transmission of recorded material can be done in many ways. Broadcast Solutions offers traditional versatile Satcom solutions based on parabolic antennas that need to be pointed carefully and only used while positioned. Now the company offers a completely new ground breaking technology. Totally flat, low profile antennas that can be integrated into the roof of a vehicle and used while driving under the harshest conditions, all this while delivering full HD Broadcast quality video and maintaining duplex communication to the headquarter.

All our Mobile Surveillance units are tailor-made solutions to meet the demands of the customer. As a system integrator with in-house coach-building this means, we can integrate our technology in nearly every vehicle you can think of.

We are experts in the fields of

  • Image collection and processing
  • Camera and lens technology
  • Transmission
  • Satellite communication: static and “on the move”
  • Terrestrial communication:
    3G / 4G LTE, microwave and MIMO/Mash technologies
  • Multichannel recording and data storage
  • Coach building
  • Interior finishing

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