Sports Broadcasting Services

All you need for your production

Sports Broadcasting Services – all you need for your production

Broadcast Solutions offers its customers a full-service production support with technology and manpower, supporting e.g. over the last three years the Tour d'Azerbaidjan, an international bicycle race that is part of the UCI Europe Tour.

Over the years Broadcast Solutions supported the local production company Baku Media Center with production vehicles – especially a Streamline S16 OB Van and DSNG, built by the German company and delivered in 2014 – plus production support with camera motorcycles, helicopters and planes, special camera systems as well as additional staff to support Baku Media Center during the production.

From May 4 to 8 2016 Broadcast Solutions again played a big role taking care of all the logistics providing the camera motorcycles, Cineflex camera systems plus key creative and technical personnel. Besides the use of a DSNG and an OB Van of the Streamline Family the support encompasses manpower, consulting and training as well as the supply of additional production technology.

The delivery of an OB Van and a DSNG to broadcaster Baku Media Center in 2014 marked the beginning of a close relationship between the two companies. Besides delivering the Live Production vehicles to Baku Media Center, Broadcast Solutions not only trained the OB Van teams on the vehicles; additionally Broadcast Solutions regularly supports the customer during production of big events.

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Supporting Baku Media Center with specialists, know-how on the hardware side and the production itself, the local broadcaster was able to use the delivered OB Van and DSNG in the best possible way. Broadcast Solutions supported the production with a team of engineers and director, specialized on bicycle races, such as Tour de France or all bicycle sports during the Olympics. For instance for the live wireless aerial video transmission additional means such as motorcycles and an airplane (2015) were supplied. A specialized team covered the race via a helicopter with a Cineflex camera system.

In 2015 for instance the special production setup consisted of motorcycles at the racetrack and a helicopter that transmitted the video signals using RF uplink to the airplane. The airplane again covered the downlink of the signals to a receiving point at the finish line – a 30m crane. Then the signal was processed in the OB Van located at the finish. A further task was to ensure the seamless integration of the RF signals into the production truck located at the finish line. This was done by integration of the RF equipment in the back of the HD truck.

Over the years production setups changed from one event to the other where Broadcast Solutions was responsible for the integration of additional equipment into the production chain (OB Van, DSNG, helicopter, motorcycles, etc.) to ensure a seamless workflow. Besides hardware, logistics and training of teams on-site Broadcast Solutions provided additional staff to support the local broadcaster.

The long lasting relationship and the successful production in 2016 again proves Broadcast Solutions’ ability to support the customer – beyond the delivery of production tools – with support, training and consultancy. This even more enables the customer to realise the best production possible.