Broadcast Solutions has years of experience in the field of video assistant referee (VAR) solutions and sports replay systems. The company acts as consulting partner with several national and international sports organisations to develop standards for the implementation of VAR solutions. With our VAR-systems, we use the most innovative technology the market has to offer to give the referees and officials the best tools available. Our service involves the rental of complete systems as well as the support of these systems during matches and competitions with our team of experts.

Our VAR-solutions allow the recording of multiple different camera angles and offer organizers and referees unprecedented opportunities to clarify controversial situations, thus ensuring more fairness during the competition. The marking of dubious situations can be done by the referee directly. Using the controller (and /or the touch screen), individual channels can be selected or special situations can be searched and marked – all in real-time. The referee can mark situations during live-recording or by accessing previously recorded material and can choose between the simultaneous view of several channels, single view or zoom view. Following latest developments in Football Judging several controllers can be used for marking scenes live (VAR Assistant) – even when the Video referee reviews recorded scenes at that moment. So no important scene ever will get lost anymore.

The systems are also designed for match analysing – the capability to watch one and the same moment from all different camera angles immediately or hours /days / weeks after the match gives unique and never seen possibilities for trainers and coaches to teach and prepare their teams.

Our VAR-systems have been tested and used for years in several sports leagues all around the world (e. g.: Ice-Hockey, Canoe Slalom, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball) and has proved its functionality and ease of use without any failures during competitions. For several years now, almost all clubs in KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) and the Lithuanian Basketball League use the systems. All slalom competitions of the International Canoe Federation (ICF), including the Rio Games 2016, were monitored by our systems. At the IHF Handball World Championships 2017 in France our VAR was the overall video judging system supporting the judges. As an add-on the recordings of the most impressive scenes are used for education and analysis in Handball now all over the world.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive operation of the VAR-system and its controller, trainings on our systems are fast and easy – judges can start to work in a breath.


  • IHF Handball World Championships 2017, France
  • ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships 2016, London
  • Canoe Slalom Competitions at the Rio Games 2016, Rio de Janeiro
  • ECA Canoe Slalom European Championships 2015, Markkleeberg
  • Lithuanian Basketball League (all matches since 2015)
  • World Taekwondo Championships 2015, Russia
  • Asian Volleyball Championships 2014, Kazakhstan
  • KHL Russian Ice Hockey League (all matches since 2012)

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