Robycam Germany presents a wide range of special camera solutions, from stand-alone remote heads to sophisticated cable aerial systems. The most advanced and high-class system is Robycam 3D. High-class performance, lighter heads and smarter motion-control make Robycam the obvious choice for spectacular images. Robycam systems support the latest developments in Virtual Reality and can be equipped with hi-motion cameras.

Robycam is a special motion system for a cable- suspended 3-axis gyro-stabilised camera heads. The sophisticated control algorithms of Robycam provide a unique opportunity to bring the camera literally to any point within the working area, while Robyhead R2 camera head fully controls camera view angles with endless 360° pan and active roll with autohorizon. A synergy of these features allows Robycam to produce spectacular images, never attained before.

Together with the sophisticated remote control unit, that has access to the heads as well as to the cable system Robycam provides spectacular images. Robycam is a perfect fit for large events indoors or outdoors. It uses four real-time controlled automatic winches and a sophisticated motion control system that allows for smooth camera movements in 3D and swift movements – up to 8 m/s in all axes. Action areas of 200 m x 200 m and more are possible.

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