Mobile Surveillance Unit – Middle East

The Task

To develop a type of covert mobile surveillance unit with innovative technology using broadcast quality cameras, high-tech multi-channel video servers for replay and storage as well as next generation Satcom and transmission solutions. The vehicles had to be independent from external electrical power and capable to operate in every environment – even in the desert.

The Challenge

Combining the absolutely latest technologies from several technical areas as never done before in civilian looking SUV‘s is indeed a great challenge. Many of the technologies had only just passed the prototype stage so very little experience in this type of integration existed. The small vehicles and the complex technology paired with the intended use in one of the world’s most demanding climates presented a new dimension to the word “challenge”. The issue, that more than 4 KW electrical power were needed to be produced invisible “inside the vehicle” was solved by constructing a sophisticated power system.

The Solution

Broadcast Solutions developed a completely new mobile surveillance solution with sophisticated technology. In total eleven highly efficient broadcast quality cameras on large pan tilt heads, integrated in the vehicle body, mounted on extendable mast or wireless. Our in-house developed totally unique Reality Observation Server, which records up to 12 channels in Apple Pro Res (185 Mbit/s) for 24 hours and allows digital zoom and simple marking of events of interest. We use the absolute latest lens technology, which combined small form factor, high performance, and new technologies as defogging and heat wave cancellation. The combination of cameras and lenses and image processing allows identifying persons on large distances where just detection is expected using standard technology. For transmission of a full HD video program to the headquarter and to provide full duplex communication we made use of the latest Satcom on the move technology. In addition, the coach building, especially the heat management needed to be very sophisticated.

In developing this mobile surveillance unit Broadcast Solutions transferred all its experience from advanced broadcast and Satcom technologies to the surveillance market. In only five months Broadcast Solutions developed and delivered unique mobile surveillance units that operate anonymously, offer the latest Broadcast and Satcom on the move technologies and work under the harshest environment where the outside temperature regulary exceeds 60° C.