TV2 Studio-1 / Hungary

The Task

Implementing a complex control room which is able to control a traditional 5 camera, 6 hours LIVE morning show and a 3 robot camera virtual NEWS studio (with tracking option) with the same team of users. The system serves the stand up of daily shows as well as several news shows. During the newsroom design we ensured the 24/7 smooth operation while new equipment had been implemented and old equipment taken out.

Phase 1:   Automated Virtual studio installation with 3 robotic cameras. This system was operating with 2 greenbox studios. The Control room was built in a temporary site with temporary router/vision mixer.
Phase 2:   Take out of the old traditional 5 camera SD system to a temporary place to provide the business continuity. The daily operation was using the old system during the installation of the new system.
Phase 3:   Planning and implementation of the studio control room architectural design with new furniture, monitor wall and HD system elements, which gives the core for both (automated ad traditional) system.
Phase 4:   Integration of 2 control rooms (automated robotic and traditional) into one multifunctional control room.

The Challenge

Virtual Studio:

The key feature of the virtual studio is the Studio Automation solution based on MOSART, which enables a smooth, fast and reliable operation for several news shows and magazines per day, using only 2 operators!
MOSART is the template based studio automation and controls: the 3pcs Sony HDC-P1 cameras with canon lenses on Telemetrics robotic heads (one of them with trolly option), Brainstorm EasySet virtual studio system, Snell video router, Yamaha DM1000 audio mixer and Harris Nexio Playout servers.

Production studio:

In this studio TV2 is doing a 6 hours long morning show everyday and few pre-recorded magazine type programmes.
At the beginning within 48 hours we had to move out all of the old equipment to an OB van to have a temporary control room for the period of implementation. The new system was placed in the old systems’ server room.

The core elements of the system are: Sony MVS-6530 vision mixer, Snell Sirius620 routing with Aurora control System, 5x Sony HDC-1700 fibre camera chains, Calrec Summa audio mixing console, Avid AirSpeed recording/playback device, VizRT graphics systems, Miranda/GV Kaleido multiviewer and Densité System glue, Trilogy SPG’s. The internal communication within TV2 is managed with Trilogy Gemini network intercom systems. The gallery was designed with freely assignable workplaces using IP based KVM solution by BlackBox. After finishing the interior of the control room the step-by-step migration of the automated studio control and then the traditional part took place.

The Solution

Due to the complexity of the project the preparation phase took a period of time in 2013-2014. After commissioning the complete system implementation reached thoroughly the Customer’s satisfaction.