TV2 Playout / Hungary

The Task

Set the plan for a new multi-channel expendable HD playout system at TV2 in Hungary. The task was to replace their old SD playout system with this modular HD solution. TV2’s expectation was to implement an absolutely new PLAYOUT system while they are still using the old system 24/7. 

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to install the new system and controllers exactly (physically) to the same place where the previous system was running. The PLAYOUT includes 1 server room, 1 MCR, 1 ingest and 1 operators gallery. The system is able to playout 4 channels (2 of them true parallel simulcast) but there is the possibility to increase this capacity. The MCR is able to receive 10 parallel signals at the same time. The central router is Snell Sirius620 with transmission backup on Snell Sirius610. Automation system is Snell Morpheus, video server vendor are Harmonic/Omneon Spectrum, a graphics solution by PixelPower Clarity, System glue & multiviewer are GV/Miranda Densité/Kaleido family. There are 3 studios, 3 satellite antennas and 6 external fiber lines that are connecting to the playout.

The Solution

We implemented the new system during the stations 24/7 continuous operation. Additionally we kept a couple of old items from the previous network, for example: ProBel router. During installation the old system was providing the daily operation on the temporary set up monitorwall and on user interfaces. The project was finished on time without any critical issue.