TV2 News System / Hungary

The Task

In 2005 we received a request from TV2 to change their NEWS workflow system (based on BETACAM tape) to file based workflow. It included the full NRCS system as well. 

The Challenge

TV2 was the first company in Hungary who changed their BETACAM Tape based linear system to a new file based network. They decided to use HARRIS NEXIO NEWS and OCTOPUS NRCS combination in this project. The biggest challenge was to introduce this non-linear system to the linear based user environment. Journalists were placed in an open-office and there were installed 25 equivalent workstations with their own Octopus and Harris low-res NLE access.

After the centralized ingest the journalists are editing the low-res proxy materials by themselves, searching in the SGL system for archive files and finally doing the final cut before it goes on air. For complex subsidiary tasks the 3 hi-res NLE workplaces are available.

Coordinating the complete project with the Customer was a continuous process. Setting up the workflow and equipment list, designing and implementing the system, training and supporting the users were all done by our engineers and took 12 months. This was the first file based complex new workflow in Hungary.

The Solution

The pre-project planning period took longer due to the selecting process of the appropriate NRCS system to the existing NLE system available in the market at that time (2005). The highest priority was to create the most useful workflow for the new environment. The complete system implementation reached the Customer’s satisfaction. The thought-through design of the system is proofed by the fact that the complete newsroom system and workflow have been working since 2005 with the same technical design. With this system the customer is producing 6 news shows a day.