ATV Playout & News / Hungary

The Task

The complete Playout and NEWS system's replacement by HD included: playout system, traffic, playout automation and nonlinear archive. A new NEWS workflow has to be created based on nonlinear method. This includes the complete change of the NRCS system and the DV based workflow as well as the nonlinear archive.

The Challenge

Beside the preparation and the planning process, the biggest challenge was to introduce this nonlinear system to the linear based user environment. ATV has decided to use the complex VSN playout and news system with OCTOPUS NRCS.

There were provided 15 workstations for the journalists with Octopus NRCS and VSN clients’ applications. The work flow starts with a centralized ingest then journalists are editing their own material and/or searching for the archive videos in the VSN system and scripting these materials. For final cut process they are using 8 hi-res NLE.

The preparation for the playout is starting with VSN CreaTV and the final step is the playout through DVS servers. This new VSN system was integrated into ATV’s current broadcast infrastructure. The DV based archive system was exchanged to VSN MAM system.
The complete system design, workflow, selecting equipment list, implementation, training and system support acquired a strict timeline.

The Solution

The project planning had been started in mid-2014 in order to find the best combination and solution for ATV. The final decision was made by ATV at IBC 2014. After IBC we were focusing to set the right workflow for ATV and keep their needs and preferences with the highest priority.

In the first phase ATV went on air with the new playout system to the customer’s complete satisfaction. In the second phase of the project wesupported ATV to start with the new NEWS system and the new workflow. Our full support during this system exchange was one of the biggest projects in 2015.