The task was to refurbish a news studio from SD to HD and implement a file-based infrastructure.

The task was to deliver a Streamline S12 4K OB Van with Streamline benefits and full 4K functionality. From commissioning to delivery the whole process took less than 6 months.

During and after the main conversion from SD to HD a few years ago, all newly constructed HD OB‘s was costly, complex and took ages to procure and deliver. We were then challenged to develop a new set of OB Vans that should offer no doubts in respect of their technical abilities, they would have to be cheaper than anything comparable as well as they needed to have a very short delivery time.

The task was to deliver a state of the art 16 camera OB van, with double expansions to the other side of the world short time before the World Athletics Championships in Korea.

The task was to construct seven identical high-grade SNG vehicles to work smoothly even under the harshest conditions.

The task was to develop a type of covert mobile surveillance unit with innovative technology using broadcast quality cameras, high-tech multi-channel video servers for replay and storage as well as next generation Satcom and transmission solutions. The vehicles had to be independent from external electrical power and capable to operate in every environment – even in the desert.