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Broadcast Solutions GmbH
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Innovative 3-axis cable camera system, up to 50x50m working area, for everyday use!

An efficient system with low setup and operating costs. Available for purchase to be used in small studios or event locations with low ceilings and suitable for permanent install. This system offers decisive budget benefits compared to renting a camera crane on a production by production base. Installation and operation are easy and quick to learn. Part of our offering is the training of the customer’s pilots.

Colibri is an innovative 3D cable camera system that offers several benefits in terms of included power supply, low weight, reduced cable sag, a maximum speed of 3m/s, safety options and motion presets.

  • Lightweight for maximum performance and safety
  • Gimbal-Top: 40 cm x 40 cm
  • Height: 52 cm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg (+ camera, lens, zoom mount 1 kg)
  • Winches for 50 x 50 m action area (motor included)
  • Small form factor allows for installation at ceilings, saving studio space
  • No battery or wireless transmission required
  • All camera/dolly data, signals and power supply run through the ropes (2 ropes with implemented fibre cables, two ropes with implemented power cables)
  • Programmable GUI enables unlimited motion presets
  • Touchscreen supported
  • Working area limitations for safe operation
  • Emergency stop button and safety key
  • Safety limits, including minimum operating height limit
  • Safety – DGUV17/18 (prev. BGV-C1)
  • 4K signal and data run through implemented fibre cables
  • Gimbal with built-in Dual SDI to Dual/ Single Fibre Optic converter
  • Easy integration with Augmented Reality software
  • Short installation time and low operating costs
  • Cost benefits compared to a camera crane
  • RCP support for multi-camera environments

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