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Broadcast Solutions at Cabsat 2016. There is a lot to see on our inside and outside booth at this year's Cabsat. 2016 we have the focus on specialised camera systems like Robycam, Shotover or Cineflex. We have these products not only for sale, but now within our Specialised Camera Services also for rental. Additionally we present "BlackJack 4K", a 4K 50P replay server from and a Streamline OB Van.

Broadcast Solutions at Cabsat 2016

Inside at ZF2-20

Special Camera Services

For all our clients who don't want to buy special camera systems like Robycam, Shotover or Cineflex, because of using them only for several special productions once or twice a year, we have our Special Camera Services. This means you rent these cameras now instead of buying them. But we don't only have these Camera Systems for rent. Additionally we give you carrier systems (from cars to helicopters) know-how and manpower within our Special Camera Services.

Robycam   is a flying cable camera system with gyro stabilized cameras for up to 3D camera movements for spectacular images. The system uses four real-time controlled and automated winches, most advanced gyro stabilization and motion control techniques. More applications of the system include the use on cranes, sleighs or tracks.
Shotover/Cineflex   offer different gyro stabilized cameras with up to 8K quality that can be mounted on cranes, cars or helicopters for spectacular shots.

BlackJack 4K

BlackJack 4K, the only 3In/2Out 4K 60p replay server available on the market that had it's world premiere on our Broadcast Innovation Day in Bingen on the 9th of December 2015, is now on CabSat. The BlackJack 4K originally is a normal BlackJack AT 3G with 16 3G SDI channels (configurable as 12in/4out or 16in). This means that the server is still ready for a 16 channel HD recording up to 266 hrs. in DVC-Pro HD with 100 Mbit/s or other codecs on request. Using its 16 SDI channels as 12 in/4 out and a special software option, the server handles 4K 50p/60p signals via 4 x 3G SDI (quadrant transmission based on 3G Level A/3G Level B and SMPTE 425-3). Further more you can still use standard Full HD displays for displaying the interface with built-in multiviewer. This eliminates the need of several 4K/ 4 x 3G SDI monitors.


12 camera OB Van Streamline S12

On our outside booth you can see a 12 camera OB Van (S12) from our Streamline family. Streamline is the essence of more than 10 years’ experience in building outside broadcast vehicles. What makes this series of OB Vans so special is the overall design of the 5 different versions (from 4, 6, 8,12 to 16 cameras) with pre-engineered concepts and optimized hardware combinations. The advantages for the customer are future proof technology, short delivery times and maximum flexibility in daily together with significant cost savings.

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