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Supporting the Red Cross organisation in communication and live-video surveillance, Bad Kreuznach

Monitoring and surveillance of major incidents and (natural) disasters are unexpected events that can occur at any time.

Bad Kreuznach, Germany, 28.02.2019

Preventive measures often can only be taken to a certain extent. Teams can determine the situation on site and the degree of damage only locally and spontaneously.

Therefore, communication between operations centres/control centres and local teams plays a vital role in assessing situations and coordinating resources. Public communication networks and infrastructures are often corrupted or not available in such situations.

Practical example


  • Supporting the Red Cross organisation in communication and live-video surveillance during an open-air event

  • Approx. 10.000 – 12.000 visitors (using their cell phones)

  • Location: approx. 3,000 m2

  • Covered area: 35ha

The Challenge

  • Set up a communication system for destroyed and overloaded infrastructures such as mobile radio, TETRA, landlines

  • Use of mobile ad hoc networks (MANet) for security, first responder and rescue forces to communicate at the scene

  • A connection between the incident location and two remote operation control centres

  • To overcome a critical elevation profile with obstacles

The Solution

Secure, robust and reliable communication is provided by IP-based mobile ad hoc networks (MANet) that can be quickly established using no existing infrastructure. These MESH systems provide:

  • 7x IP-MESH Radios deployed city-wide
  • Central PTZ camera at the event site included in the network controlled by the control centre for situational awareness
  • High data rate IP-connectivity between operations centre, control centre and event location
  • Two mobile IP-MESH radios (first responder units) including GPS tracking and a body-worn camera moving through the masses (>10k individual)
  • One hill to overcome between the control centre and event location by using a 4x4 radio as a„hop“


MANet provides reliable ultra-robust communication at the scene at any time, and quick and mobile access to mission-relevant information from central databases. First responders at the scene are supplied with all the necessary information, and themselves provide up- to-date operational information from the location for all subscribers.

  • Live video transmission from the scene and even outside the pre-defined surveillance area in a difficult historical urban environment

  • Robust and reliable data transmission despite about 10.000 cell phones in use

  • Data transmission via 2-3 hops without data reduction

  • Live video transmission during emergency cases with bi-directional communication between emergency doctor and first-aid attendant

  • Operation centre can direct a doctor exactly to an injured individual to support first responders due to the GPS-positioning

  • For future telemedicine applications smart devices can be connected easily to the IP-MESH via WIFI to document, report and live-stream data, video and audio

  • The PTZ camera provides a location overview on a video-wall with remote control capability in the operations centre and control centre.


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