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Satcube Ku is a fully integrated flat panel antenna terminal that is extremely mobile and provides a very high throughput. The terminal weighs only 8 kg and has the same dimensions as a large laptop. But the terminal has a similar performance to fly­away terminals with more than 10 Mbps in conjunction with High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

Satcube Ku is designed for Broadcast media companies, emergency response, law enforcement, public safety organisations, tele-medicine, NGO´s, industry and those with remote work locations and high capacity communications needs.

Satcube Ku can either be powered by three hot­swap capable batteries or with 230 VAC. The Flat Panel Array is fed from a 50 W Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) solid state amplifier. The satellite modem is also completely integrated into the terminal (currently UHP­200 or iDirect­150) but also permits external modem connections at L­Band. A GPS and IMU system with nine sensors is integrated into the user interface of the terminal that enables a highly accurate pointing.

An intuitive user interface and the integrated pointing system establish the connection to a satellite in just one minute. The terminal can be connected via cable, the WLAN of a laptop, to a camera, a smartphone or a tablet. Satcube Ku includes the pointing system and all necessary user interfaces in one device. The terminal provides a quick and simple communication, just like consumer products.


  • Weighs only 8 kg
  • High­speed connection – up to 20 Mbps
  • Set up in minutes
  • High data rates at low cost
  • 3 hour transmission time plus optional hot­swap batteries, iDirect or UHP Networks modem
  • WLAN, flat panel antenna
  • High power amplifier (GaAs)
  • Up­convertor, down­convertor
  • Heatpipe cooling system

Further Information:

Satcube KU Datasheet