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Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 24.07.2022

meshLINK - ensuring an uninterrupted and stable wireless transmission in RF-challenging environments

The building of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany is commonly referred to as “The RF-fortress”. This is because, due to legal requirements, the building is highly shielded to prevent unlawful access to data.

Bingen (Germany) / Budapest (Hungary), 26.08.2020

Broadcast Solutions Hungary Ensures Live-Feed at Blue Ribbon Round the Lake Balaton Race in Hungary With a Silvus MESH Radio Network

What was initially planned as a POC to show the capabilities of a MESH network providing internet connection to wireless cameras at the Blue Ribbon – Round the lake Balaton Race in Hungary, became the game-changer for Hungarian national broadcaster with its channel M4 Sport on-site to ensure stable signal connections for the live broadcast.

Budapest, Hungary, 02.04.2020

Ad hoc Citywide MESH

Wireless video transmission in urban areas

Austria, 27.04.2019

Testing Airborn Data Link, Austria Austria

Broadcast Solutions is conducting Airborn wireless transmission tests in Austria

Singapore, 26.04.2019

Testing Mediacorp's newly acquired set of Silvus radios, Singapore

Today our Singapore team is testing Mediacorp's newly acquired set of Silvus radios together with high-end, low-latency encoders.

Bad Kreuznach, Germany, 28.02.2019

Supporting the Red Cross organisation in communication and live-video surveillance, Bad Kreuznach

Monitoring and surveillance of major incidents and (natural) disasters are unexpected events that can occur at any time.